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Daily Political Coverage Is A La Brea Tar Pit From Which Time Spent Never Escapes

Update 2/23/09–Please click here for an update of the recent big discovery of fossils at the La Brea Tar Pit.

I was flipping channels tonight and came across CNN.

The listing at the bottom of my screen said CNN would be broadcasting Mississippi primary coverage for two hours.

I wondered what they could possibly say about the Mississippi primary for two hours.

Barack Obama was near-certain to win, it was the only primary today and Mississippi is a small state. 

Of course, I knew they had nothing of any note to say.

I watched for 15 minutes. Those are 15 minutes I won’t get back.

Flash–Obama wins as expected and Governor Spitzer likes hookers.

Coverage of any House or Senate races? Maybe a Governor’s race? Coverage of relevant issues?


I can’t imagine it is six weeks to the Pennsylvania primary.

What will the cable news networks talk about for six weeks?  

Daily political coverage is like the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. 

Here are facts about the La Brea Tar Pits. 

Sometimes the ice-age beasts would just fall in and sink away.

That was me just flipping channels tonight.

Other times a vicious predator would see a creature that had fallen in and pounce in expectation of a meal.

That’s when you think you’ll find something interesting, but its the same old long-winded junk. 

I’m not a reflexive media-basher.

But this coverage, especially on the cable news networks, is endless and a waste of your time.

Even for the newspapers, which for the most part do try to do a good job and do try to be fair, something new in the Obama–Clinton–McCain triangle does not happen every day.  

If you don’t already, read the international pages of the paper!

At bottom is a picture of the political coverage bubbling up from below and trying to lure you in.

Resist it with a book or by talking to people you care about.

Don’t fall in—at least not every day.

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Who Can Vote In The Texas Primary Runoff?—Any Registered Texan!


Texas primary runoff day is Tuesday April 8.

Many are wondering who can vote in runoff elections.

At least I feel many are asking even if I have not been asked personally.

The answer is simple.

Any registered Texan may vote in the runoff.

There is only one restriction. Read the text below taken from the web page of the Texas Secretary of State and you will be fully informed—

Runoff Elections: 2nd Tuesday in April following the primary election in even-numbered years. You can only vote in one primary, and if you vote in that primary, you are entitled to vote in that party’s runoff election. If you don’t vote in either primary, you can still vote in the Primary Runoff election for whichever party you choose.  

Please click here for more information about voting in Texas.

Among the many places in Texas in which all people can vote is Pecos, Texas. Pecos is the place you see in the picture above.  

Here is a history of Pecos.

Pecos is in far west Texas. It is in Reeves County.

This post was brought to you by a liberal who believes in the free flow of information, universal health care and less money for war and more money for people who need some help in life.

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