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Photo Of Old Typewriters And Link To Typewriter History And Facts

Here is a photo of old-time typewriters from the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History.

Here is an excellent page of history and facts about typewriters.

It seems the idea of the typewriter goes back to 1714. 

The museum is very well done. Here is the link to see what they have on exhibit.

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Poem Called Self-Reliance

Here is a poem I wrote called Self-Reliance

He did not imagine the characters

He did not write the script

When told he was the author

He immediately saw the trick

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How Can A Politician “Listen” to His Or Her Constituents?

It is difficult for politicians to really ” listen” to their constituents.

Many constituents don’t vote, have conflicting views and are self-centered.

The best any elected official can try to do is balance the general consensus, to the extent it can be determined, with the public interest and, also, his or her own beliefs.

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