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The Vulgar Lady At Subway

Today I was in line at Subway. It was lunch time and there were maybe 15 people in line. The line was moving at a good clip.

When I was third to last in the line, a woman of about 60 walked up and asked the woman in front of me in  line if she could cut. She said she was running late. Somewhat to my surprise, the person in front of me said yes.

The cut-ahead lady then asked the next people up in line if she could cut past them. They said no.

When up at the sandwich line, the cut-ahead lady used the word “want” a lot. I’ve come to note use of this word as a mark of a vulgar person. She said, ”I want a turkey sandwich.” Or, “I want lettuce.”

The right way to say it is “May I please have a turkey sandwich?” Or, “lettuce please.”

“Want” is a vulgar term. As is the word “need.” As in “I need a turkey sandwich.” Starving people need food. You don’t “need” a turkey sandwich when you had breakfast a few hours ago and have every reason to expect dinner at the end of the day.

After her sandwich was made, the cut-ahead lady did not thank the person who made the sandwich. She just paid up and left.

This was a very rude and vulgar person. I hope she is a regular reader of this blog so she can realize the error of her ways.  There is no reason to use words such as “want” and “need” when we have the option of saying “may I please have.”

I am tired of people’s poor behavior and I have a blog available to me here to express this feeling.

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A Starting Point For Rudeness

Much rudeness comes from the inability to quickly process any mildly unusual or stressful situation. People often lack the self-assurance to devise quick replies to the unexpected. Rudeness seems a better option than appearing silly or feeling awkward.  

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Bad Man Exits Elevator Before Woman Holding Ten Bath Towels

You’ll think I’m making this up, but just a few days ago I saw a man get out of an elevator before allowing the woman in the elevator to exit.

This was at a hotel in Corpus Christi, Texas. The man was from out-of-town, so his actions cannot be seen as a reflection on the good people of Corpus Christi.

It happened like this—

There were three people on the elevator. Myself, the bad man, and a woman hotel employee who was carrying maybe 10 bath towels.

We were all going to the lobby.

The elevator stopped at the lobby.

The bad man got off the elevator without a thought to the woman with the towels.

It’s one thing in a very crowded elevator, but when it’s a small number of people you let a woman out first.

Especially if she is carrying many thick bath towels.

Why let a woman out first?

Because it is polite–That’s why. Doing so suggests you were not raised in a cave. It is a small social courtesy that reminds us we live in a society and that the others sometimes come first.

I saw the woman move to get out of the elevator first. It was just the slightest movement towards the door.

She gave no visible reaction when the man bad man went out first. I’m sure she is acquainted with being treated poorly by guests at the hotel.

A measure of a person is how they behave when they have the choice to be either rude or polite– How they act away from home where nobody they know can judge their actions. 

It is good to be polite and it is bad to be rude.

It’s that simple.

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