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One Way To Get Rid Of A Hooters

One way to get rid of a Hooters is to have a hurricane come and blow it away.  This is what happened in Galveston, Texas with Hurricane Ike.

I got this picture from Wikipedia. I wish I had taken the picture because it is a scene I have walked past twice since Ike. But I did not take the picture.

I can’t recall if the Hooters was located where the there is nothing over the first set of wooden beams, or if it isthe damaged structure behind the beams. I think it is was where there is nothing at all.

There had been place called the Ocean Grill at this spot. It was there for at least 5 or 6 years— Maybe longer. I went there sometimes and sat out on the balcony that overlooked the ocean.  It’s so hard to find peace in the world and this was a place I found some peace.

One time I went there and intended to read a book of Martin Luther King sermons while I ate lunch. The hostess noticed my book and made a comment about how it looked interesting. I gave her the book.

I don’t say that to make out like I’m some great guy.  It’s just that each time I walked past the Ocean Grill—I visit Galveston from my home in Houston every six or seven weeks—this is what I thought about. I thought about the  young woman I had given the book to and about Martin Luther King.

Then the Ocean Grill closed and a Hooters opened up. Oh, how I hated that Hooters.

I’m sorry about all the trouble Hurricane Ike caused. But I am glad the Hooters is gone.

(Please click here for my Martin Luther King Reading And Reference List.)

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  1. And God looked upon the Hooters, and saw that it was evil, and smote it (or is it ‘them’).

    Personally, I’m a booty man.

    Comment by PDiddie | January 17, 2009

  2. I guess if your daughter or wife or sister were working at hooters and had to wear cut off shorts and pretend to like you for your tips so they could pay the rent you might feel different. maybe not. i think the best way to close a hooters is to not go to it. not support the demeaning humiliation of the workers and something so simple as dinner could be preserved from exploitation, overall its the consumer that drives this type of business and the demand is where the issue lies.

    Comment by bill brady | January 17, 2009

  3. Perry—Judgement was passed on the Hooters.

    Bill—It would be best if people did not go in the first place.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | January 18, 2009

  4. I’m sure that the Hooters Corporation made off just fine with their insurance claim. They will simply add one more on their list of 2009 openings. I would personally rather eat rabbit shit than give those fuckers a nickel of my money. Neil, the Ocean Grill sounded like a nice place to chill. Classic case of the “Big Box” taking over the independents and local chains.

    Comment by Mark Greenberg | January 18, 2009

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