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Texas Liberal Gets It Right On Tolerance Bridge & Upstate Senator

This blog got it right on two questions in the news yesterday. One a local matter here in Houston, and the other a national story.      


First, I recently said that tolerance was a lousy name for a bridge. The bridge you see above, to be built here in Houston, was going to be called the Tolerance Bridge.

I said that was a bad name because we should aspire to do more than just tolerate people. Yesterday it was announced that the name of the bridge was again an open question for pretty much the same reason I offered.

I think the bridge should be called the “I Love You Bridge.”  Or, maybe, the “I Love You Very Much Bridge.”  Something nice and friendly. Or, since many bicyclists will be riding over the bridge, maybe it could be called the “Why Don’t You Stop At Stop Signs You Self-Righteous Elitist Bridge.”

In another recent post , I said that New York Governor David Paterson should select someone from Upstate New York to replace Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate. I said that Upstate was an area moving towards Democrats and that people in New York City sometimes had a snobby view of Upstate.   

Governor Paterson selected U.S. Representative Kirsten Gillibrand (above) to take the seat. Ms. Gillibrand represents Upstate communities such as Glens Falls and Saratoga Springs.

Representative Gillibrand is a money-raising machine much like her soon-to-be Senate New York colleague Chuck Schumer.  She also pals around with former Republican U.S. Senator Alphonse D’Amato. Mr. D’Amato, as you may recall, was a super sleaze.  

Ms. Gillibrand may already face a primary fight to hold the seat in 2010. Democratic U.S. Representative Carolyn McCarthy from Long Island says she will run. Ms. McCarthy lost her husband in a commuter train shooting in 1993. Her son was also hurt. Ms. Gillibrand has actively sought the support of the National Rifle Association.

So am I complaining about Ms. Gillibrand’s selection? I said I wanted an Upstater and that is what I got. I guess what I should have more clear about is that the person I really wanted was my aunt in Utica.

In any case, these two issues–the bridge and the Senate seat–show you that this blog is never wrong in cases where it is correct. Please read Texas Liberal often to see if I’m ever able to get two things right at the same time again.

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