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Comets Brought Terrible Death To Earth Just 12,900 Years Ago—Enjoy Each Day You Have

A recent report from the journal Science says a rain of comets destroyed the mammoths, other large creatures, and many people, only 12,900 years ago.

From the USA Today article on the report

“”This is the ‘smoking gun’ evidence for a massive impact event 12,900 years ago that triggered the (ice age) and the extinction of the megafauna,” says nuclear scientist Richard Firestone of the Lawrence Berkeley (Calif.) National Laboratory, who was not part of the study.

If true, the impact date coincides with the abrupt halting of deposits of “Clovis” Native American artifacts, distinctively fluted tools and arrowheads. Dozens of large animal species vanished then in North America. Kennett and other impact researchers have suggested a continent-wide wildfire may have contributed to the extinction of large North American creatures. In Europe, there were disruptions to the prehistoric culture and the demise there of species such as the cave bear and Irish elk.”    

This story allows me to mention the cave bear and run the picture you see above of a cave bear skeleton. As you can see from the skeleton, this particular cave bear was up on his or her legs and watching the comets fall to the Earth. There was nothing it could do.

From a Fox News story about cave bears

“Previously, scientists thought cave bears were just vegetarians, evoking an image of gentle giants that fed solely on berries and roots….Now bones from the Carpathians — the mountains where Dracula supposedly dwelt — suggest cave bears could have also been carnivores, and possibly even cannibals.”

The upshot—Enjoy each day as best you can. Who knows when the next disaster that we are helpless to resist—such as an eruption of the Yellowstone Super Volcano—will be the end of the road.

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