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I Made Small Talk

A couple of mornings ago I went out by myself to breakfast. I went to a local diner. It’s a good place. It has the right mix between annoyingly self-aware and simply dirty. 

I laid out my newspaper and was all set for some peace— Both inner and outer peace. 

Then I heard a voice say “good morning.” I knew this comment was directed at me. My heart sank. I just wanted to be left alone.

I looked up and facing me in the next booth was the guy who said good morning. I assessed him as a screwball who wanted to talk.  He and I were the only customers in the place. Two screwballs I suppose.

I’m not really good at small talk. It can take me three or four years to warm to somebody.  

On the other hand, I did not want to ignore the guy. So I talked to him for most of my breakfast. The waitress joined in as well. I guess the guy is a regular.

I can’t recall what any of the conversation was about.  I don’t feel that either he or I said anything insightful.

When I was done eating and got up to go, the guy apologized if he had disrupted by breakfast. He had disrupted my breakfast and he knew full well that he had done so.

But I did it. I talked to him. I assume that he started the conversation because he wanted to talk. He was sitting alone in that diner. Though , there is nothing wrong with being alone. In many cases time alone is the only thing holding us together.

In this instance however, I guess I followed the correct course.

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If Michelle Obama Is So Smart, Why Is She Not As Hot As Was Dolley Madison?

A portrait of First Lady Dolley Madison, wife of President James Madison

I keep hearing about what Michelle Obama is wearing. 

If we are going to grade Mrs. Obama on her appearance, she will lose out to Dolley Madison. (Above)

So let’s judge Mrs. Obama on her talents and skills and have less focus on how she looks. That is the right thing to do fo this hard working  and successful person.

For all we know, Mrs. Obama is the smarter half of the First Couple.

(Dolley Madison was also smart.)

However, since we are on the subject. I will say that Mrs. Obama’s Inauguration outfit was almost as fluorescent—

—as are these fish below. 

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How Will I Watch Battery Powered TV After Next Hurricane Caused Power Outage?

When we switch to digital TV, how will I be able to watch my tiny black and white battery powered TV for the five day power outage after the next hurricane?

I won’t be able to watch that TV during hurricane blackouts. That’s the damned answer.

I might as well toss that little TV in the trash right now.  

I’m just glad we are not moving towards digital flashlights and candles. Then I’d have to sit in the dark until power came back on after the next hurricane.

Blogger’s note–There is a comment below that offers a suggestion for this problem.

Update 6/8/09—Here is a Wall Street Journal story about the upcoming June 12 switch . Many are still not ready.

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I Ended Up Watching The Inauguration

This past Tuesday I gave some thought to skipping the Inauguration on TV and heading down the road to Galveston for a walk on the beach. I’m not entirely sure what was motivating my feelings except to say that with time people’s interests can change.  

I did watch the ceremony and I’m glad I did. Yet for as pleased as I am in the change of administrations, Mr. Obama and his team want to manage and manipulate the news no less than did his predecessor.

( Here is the story about the phony music played at the Inauguration.)

Watching all that day-to-day stuff saps my life energy. I can follow the news without seeing Mr. Obama’s stage managed events.

Here is a link to the C-Span American Writers series. It goes all the way back to William Bradford (grave above) in Plymouth in the 17th century. Without context what do we have? The events of the day are often fun to follow, but it can take a few hundred years for the real facts to become clear.

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