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Good Riddance To Cantor And Kyl In Debt Ceiling Talks—Let’s Stand Up Against The Borderline Disloyal Republican Opposition

Extreme conservative House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has pulled out of the ongoing debt ceiling talks in Washington.

Republican Senator John Kyl of Arizona–who has a problem with facts–has also left these talks.

It appears that additional stimulus  and possible tax increases for those most able to pay may be on the table as needed steps to help the economy.

What a welcome difference from the Republican strategy of working to keep the economy from recovering in order to hurt President Obama politically.

I’m wary of all sides in these talks. It is hard to see how the unemployed and the poor have any champions in Washington. Millions of hard-working middle class Americans also seem left out as the rich get richer and corporations gain more power each day.

Let’s hope that President Obama and Democrats in Congress stand up for everyday Americans in these talks against a borderline disloyal opposition that wants to dismantle our government for the benefit of a greedy few, and in the name of pre-Civil War notions of small government.

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  1. The very reason that the Republicians have pulled out of these talks, is taxes on the rich. They/and the media make it sound like the Dems want to raise all taxes. Not so. Now I ask you Mitt R is worth over 200 millian, what is a couple million more for his share of the taxes mean to him. How much money can one spend. As a retired teacher, I”m on a higher tax base than they.There is a croup of rich Republicians that want to rull/own this country. But they have to destroy the middle class first. They controll by using aboration and womens health care. But they get their viagria paid for..They get rid of all unions, any bargaining talks, wich their bought Surpreme Court helps with. Cut the salaries of the poorest in the nation, to controll. Put the FEAR of God into people with their so called religion. Make laws in states against hiring Hispanics, but you can hire them for house/yard work. Doesn’t sound very christion does it Mr. Perry down in texas. How many people making 24 thousand a yr., hire house/yard help. You can see it in every thing they do.

    Comment by PHYLLIS RADFORD | June 23, 2011

  2. Nothing I can add to this fine comment. Thank you.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | June 24, 2011

  3. The Civil War meme is interesting. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s almost as though some on the left are itching to fight it again. Hell, your buddy Perry actually called for armed revolution the other day.

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | June 24, 2011

  4. I could not believe it when repubs tried to block the expansion and extension of the business payroll tax holiday. Don’t they say that cutting taxes will increase business hiring and investment. The payroll tax holiday is an attempt to do exactly that. It cuts the business share of our regressive payroll taxes to lower the financial costs for hiring people. This is exactly what we need as we seem to be going into a jobless recover where businesses are doing much better than a few years ago, but are still a little timid about spending their money to hire people. It’s pure Laffer curve supply-side eeconomics, but targeted to get results.

    The Obama administration has taken the clever and effective parts of supply-side economics and has been implimenting them since 2009. Withholdings were cut in early 2009, but that “making work pay” worksheet assured that low and middle income people still got their usual refunds over the last two tax filing seasons.

    I worked for a company that was very eager to get those payroll tax cuts. They would bust you straight from the top if the payroll tax exemption form didn’t come with the new hire paperwork.

    I hear conservative commentators saying that we wont get out of this recession by taxing employment, that there is always less of what you tax. They’re right! and what has been happening for two years? Good sized tax cuts through the “making work pay” program. And huge tax breaks for companies that are willing to get out there and hire people through the payroll tax holiday.

    We can’t turn our modest recovery into a jobs creating recovery without businesses risking their reserves by hiring people. The payroll tax holiday helps them do this by reducing what is one of our dumbest, most regressive, and anti-business taxes anyway

    How much more supply side can you get? How much more pro-business can you get? And some repubs wanted to block this?

    Comment by Bacopa | June 24, 2011

  5. Matt—I’m not sure the desire to refight it is from the left. I think it is the losing side that would like to see the resumption of hostilities.

    Bacopa—The Republicans block everything they can for no other reason than to go after Obama. Your comment here makes that point all the more clear.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | June 25, 2011

  6. sorry guys, an error. Mitt Romney is worth over 100 million not 200.

    Comment by PHYLLIS RADFORD | June 25, 2011

  7. Well, those republicans who tried to block the extension of the payroll tax holiday just might find that they get no funding from huge businesses that benefit from it. Every nationwide retailer benefits from the payroll tax holiday. GM benefits, and now GM is a major force again as they’ve paid back so much of their bailout and have passable profits.

    The payroll tax holiday is the most cool, pro-business, anti-regressive tax cut ever. Why didn’t Reagan do it back in the 80s to see how well the Laffer curve might work? Oh, that’s right: While it relieves a tax burden on businesses that hire lots of low to mid income workers, it does nothing to directly enrich CEO’s.

    Comment by Bacopa | June 28, 2011

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