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Seven Principles For Creativity And Communication

Here are what I see as seven possible guiding principles of creativity and communication for an individual looking to make an impact in the world with his or her views,talents, and effort.

1. The things we need to effectively and creatively express ourselves are all around us and are accessible if we make the effort.

2. The average person is able to understand more than they realize—Though they may not care enough to try to understand more.

3. No type of individual or group of people is by definition anything at all. You best communicate with many people at once by viewing everyone as an individual.

4. Have the confidence to make judgments about people, places, and events. Of course you have a viewpoint about what you see in the world.

5. The metaphoric meaning or value of a word or deed is as significant as the intended purpose of a statement or action.

6. Everything is connected.

7. While circumstance and luck plays a big part in life, you’ve got to work hard on your own to be creative and to successfully communicate.

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Three Piles Of Things—Common Things Have Great Value

Three piles of things at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center.

Logs, bricks, and some big rocks.

I don’t know what is planned for the items in this pile.

I do know that good and useful things can be built with everyday things such as logs, bricks, and rocks.

All the things we need are found in everyday life. Common things have great value.

While circumstance and luck do play a large part in life, it is also up to each of us to use effort and imagination to make positive and hopeful use of what we find in our everyday lives.

(Photo copyright 2011 Neil Aquino)

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