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Learn About Paul Revere And His Ride For Yourself—You Are Crazy To Let Others Define Your Past

Due to recent comments by Sarah Palin, Paul Revere’s Ride is in the news.

When important events in American history find their way back into the news, that is a good time to take your own initiative to learn the real facts.

Above is John Singleton Copley’s 1768 painting of Paul Revere.

Here is how this painting is described by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Revere, a silversmith, is seen here as both a working person and as a thinker.

Every working person has the ability to understand complex things if he or she is willing to make the effort.

An excellent book about Paul Revere and the Boston he knew is Paul Revere And The World He Lived In by Esther Forbes.

A book about the famous ride that got strong reviews is Paul Revere’s Ride by David Hackett Fischer.  I have not read this title.

If you have the good fortune to be able to visit Boston, you can tour the home where Paul Revere and his family lived.

Here are facts about the Midnight Ride from the Revere Home. 

Below is a picture of the Revere home that I took in 2008.

In Boston you can also visit the famous Old North Church. 

This is the church where the lanterns were hung on the night of Paul Revere’s ride.

Below is a picture I took from inside the Old North Church in 2008.

Please allow me to be clear—You don’t need to go to Boston to learn about Paul Revere and his ride. All the information you need is at the library, the bookstore, and on the internet.

The things you need to learn about yourself and your world are all around you. These things are accessible with effort and imagination.

You are crazy if you allow other people to tell you about your past.

If you allow other people define your past—and by extension to define the person you are—you will lose control of your future.

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Empty Lot Primary Posting Pictures Of Political Signs In Vacant Lots In Houston

The Empty Lot Primary is a new blog that offers up pictures of political signs found posted on vacant lots and like-places in Houston.

Anybody can submit a picture to this blog.

Empty Lot Primary was started by Houston blogger Greg Wythe of Greg’s Opinion.

The picture above is one that I contributed to Empty Lot Primary.

The Eric Dick for Houston City Council campaign has many signs all over our city.

Why would anybody support a candidate for public office who has such disrespect for proper conduct?

I will be submitting pictures for Empty Lot Primary between now and the November city elections.

If I see a sign in a vacant lot for any of the few candidates that I can tolerate, I will be extra certain to get the picture.

I expect more from people who should know better.

People should proceed correctly.

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