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Houston Waterfall And Stream

Here is a Houston waterfall and stream that I took a picture of while out and about a few days ago.

It is part of a construction project taking place along Sims Bayou.

It is not so scenic. But when you live in a place like Houston, you’ve got to embrace your surrondings.

I doubt there is a natural waterfall anyplace in Houston. But there is plenty of construction and plenty of infrastructure.

So above is a picture that reflects well enough where I live.

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Newspapers Sold At Intersection

Here is the spot at the intersection of the 290 feeder road and highway 6 in the Houston-area where I often buy the early Sunday Houston Chronicle from the man standing out in the street and on the traffic island.

Anybody selling a newspaper on a Houston street corner in 95 degree heat is very much working.

I give the guy a few extra dollars for the paper. I hope the money he makes over the weekend helps him get by in life.

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