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With An External Foe Defeated, Obama Must Attack The Internal Foe Of Poverty In America

Now that we have killed a significant external foe in the form of Osama bin Laden, it is time to renew our war on the internal foe of the persistent poverty faced by many in our nation.

Can you recall the last time you heard Barack Obama mentioned poverty?

Any observant person knows it can be hard to get work in this economy. And if you get work, it can be difficult to get consistent hours and decent benefits.

The Census Bureau says that 43.6 million Americans lived in poverty in 2009. That was two years ago in this time of enduring recession. That raw number of 43.6 million translates into 14.6% of all Americans.

Here are Census Bureau statistics on poverty in America

20.7% of American children lived in poverty in 2009. How is this acceptable? Is America a first-world nation anymore?

The President merits his share of the credit for the capture of Osama bin Laden.

Now let’s ask and expect the President to take on a foe as deadly as any terrorist.

We seem to have forgotten the poor in our nation.

It’s a given that the powerful will celebrate military truimphs and hope we forget those having the roughest time in society.

Many of us in America go along with that kind of thinking even though any one of us could face poverty in this current ecomomy.

Without for a moment losing sight of the brutality and menace of the modern Republican Party, we must always insist that our leaders who at least pay lip service to decency actually deliver on what they are saying.

It is up to us to demand more of Barack Obama. I’m glad that Osama bin Laden is no longer a threat. But many other battles remain as the President marks his recent victory.

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Some On The Right Doubting The Fact That Osama Is Dead—These Are The Voices Directing Today’s Republican Party

Osama bin Laden has been killed and buried at sea.

Will it surprise you to know that some of our fellow Americans remain unconvinced that this is really what has taken place?

(Tea Party protestors. Photo by dbking.) 

Below are just a few of the comments in reaction to Osama’s death from the Facebook page of Houston radio station 740 KTRH and from the Facebook page of Texas U.S. Senator John Cornyn.

These people don’t represent all Americans or all Republicans. Yet given that Donald Trump is leading the polls for the Republican Presidential nomination, and given the extreme tone overall of the Republican Party/Tea Party, it has value to understand the voices that will be well-heard  by elected Republicans and by Republicans seeking office around the nation in 2012.

They don’t believe the birth certificate is real and they don’t believe that Osama is dead. Are these the folks you want directing the future of the United States of America?

From the reactions to Osama’s death—

As long as our country hunted this so called man they should of hung him on the whitehouse lawn for all the world to see not at sea.I ‘m not buying it.

how do you know he didn’t die of natural cause he’s old and sick just to get credit for his death.

Now why on Earth would they have done something so incredibly stupid as to dispose of the body??? Me smells a rat.

How convenient for Obama, who has thw lowest approval ratings of his career. And wasn’t Khalid Sheik Mohammmd the mastermind of the attacks, Osama just bankrolled them. Where was Osama killed? When? Where is video of his corpse, man?

It makes me rather suspicious. Now I wonder just how real this is.

Obama made sure his brother’s remains were properly disposed of according to the Muslim tradition hmmmmmmm…..how convenient.

How convenient, no one knew where he was. Obama’s popularity is falling even among the unthinking masses on the left. Now we hear reports of the man everyone has been looking for dead, and we dispose of the body before anyone can see it, “out of respect”. Just before a second run for president for the man who has been lying to us since he took office. Next we’ll get a photoshop picture as proof.

Buried at sea before an autopsy or proof could be gathered? To respect Muslim traditions? Come on, America…. start demanding some proof.

This just in: Osama’s body has been buried at sea! Can we say “Big fat HOAX” boys and girls? Can we say “Election Ploy”? Dear Mr. Obama: April Fool’s Day was April 1st. You’re a month late!

Is Bin Laden dead? Wheres the proof? Did you guys at least bring his head back. To show us that he is dead.

Obama is blowing smoke up our asses. I want to see Osama and think he needs to be on exhibit for ALL Americans to see that he’s REALLY DEAD!!!

There BETTER be pictures.

Right buried the body at sea? WTF are you kidding me?

Senator Cornyn, there better be a Congressional hearing for testimony on all this. The Administration dumped evidence into the sea under the guise of respect for Islamic law, I’m sorry why would we throw away very important evidence????

Sort of like the Obama Birth Certificate, all on paper with no physical proof!!!!!!!!!!! Just like all the MSM reports

DNA test that was done on the spot, in one day? No other samples to confirm it?? HAHA

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Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished!

Osama bin Laden has been killed by American forces.

Congratulations to our intelligence officers. And congratulations to all the men and women of our American armed forces and other coalition forces who have fought since September 11, 2001.

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