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Sarah Davis Is A Tea Party Extremist And Is Way Out Of Touch With Texas House District 134

Tea Party extremist District 134 Texas State Representative Sarah Davis says she is “The True Voice of Independence.”

Ms. Davis was first elected by a small margin in the Tea Party 2010 election year.

134 is a centrist moderate district and Ms. Davis realizes this fact.

That is why Representative Davis does not discuss the fact she is quite at home with the Tea Party, and quite at home with Tea Party attacks on public education and on health services for women.

Ms. Davis would rather you believe that she is “The True Voice of Independence.”

You see above that Rep. Davis is an enthusiastic backer of the “Tea Party Message.”

Ms. Davis is helping hold up the Tea Party message for all to see—Ms. Davis is the person on the left holding the sign—just as she supports and bolsters Tea Party extremism in the Texas House of Representatives.

A better option for Texas House District 134 is centrist Ann Johnson. 

Ms. Johnson has been endorsed by the Texas Small Business Association. 

For the Texas Small Business Association to endorse a Democratic challenger over a Republican incumbent suggests that not only does Ms. Davis embrace far right views, but that she is also seen by even usually supportive groups as unable to deliver effective leadership.

The Houston Chronicle has endorsed Ms. Johnson.

Here is part of what The Chronicle said about Ms. Johnson—

…..voters deserve a representative who doesn’t just avoid bad votes, but leads on good ones. We believe Democratic challenger Ann Johnson can be that sort of leader. …Johnson began her career as a prosecutor at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, where she was known for her no-nonsense, hardworking attitude. After leaving the prosecutor’s office, she dedicated herself to the world of juvenile law, where she focused on issues like child exploitation and sex trafficking – two issues that need the attention of the Texas Legislature….Johnson’s focus on juvenile issues doesn’t end at the courtroom. On the campaign trail, she rattles off embarrassing statistics on Texas kids – we’re 43rd in high school graduation rates, 45th in SAT scores, and have the highest percentage of children without health insurance. Texas should not be content with these rankings, and Johnson certainly isn’t, advocating smart educational investments like all-day Pre-K and capping class sizes….In this race, Ann Johnson is the better bet for Texas’ future.”

The race in District 134 offers a clear choice.

One one hand there is a hard-working moderate who has shown herself able to win the support of even Republican-leaning advocacy groups.

On the other hand there is a Tea Party extremist who pretends to be something she is not, and who is unable to earn the backing of the Texas Small Business Association.

As a fellow resident of 134, I ask you to please consider voting for Ann Johnson.

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  1. Weird that such an out-of-touch extremist would win by nine points in a district that went by a whisker in 2010.

    I eagerly await your insult of the electorate.

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | November 9, 2012

  2. While it is so that redistricting after the last election made the district a few points more Republican, it can only be said that Ms. Davis won a clear victory.

    Why are you shocked at this point that extremists win?

    I’ll allow you to reflect for the next four years on the insult your Presidential candidate made about an alleged 47% that went a long way to torpedoing his chances.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 10, 2012

  3. You’ll allow me? You’ve deigned to permit my reflection?

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | November 12, 2012

  4. You are sure are rigid about a figure of speech in an election you won.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 12, 2012

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