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Flowers And A Bird—Please Have A Great Spring Weekend

It is Easter weekend and Passover and whatever else it is that you would like it to be.

I hope you are getting some time with family and friends. Or time alone if that is what sails your ship.

I thought a good post for such a hopeful spring weekend would involve flowers and a bird.

Below are some flowers from the nice Bayou Bend Gardens in Houston.

Here are facts about flowers. 

I don’t know what kind of flowers they are, but they are quite colorful.

Below is a picture of a cardinal that I took in Cincinnati last month.

I was sitting in a city park eating a White Castle cheeseburger when I saw that bird. Cities are great for having nature and cheeseburgers all in proximity to one another.

Here are facts about birds.  Here are facts about cardinals. 

Have a great weekend and please drive safely.

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This Scene Inside A Cincinnati White Castle Reminded Me Of An Edward Hopper Painting

Here is a picture that I took last week inside a Cincinnati White Castle.

The scene reminded me of an Edward Hopper painting.

There is stark overhead lighting.

While the setting is public, the place is nearly empty.

A small number of diners are present but we do not know their story.

The diners have no communication with each other.

Below is the famous Hopper painting Nighthawks.

Here are some facts and a number of paintings about Edward Hopper.

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Norwood, Ohio White Castle Has Multiple Catches Of The Day

The Montgomery Road White Castle on Norwood, Ohio had multiple catches of the day today.

Both fish sliders and clam strips were on the menu.

I have not enjoyed either offering so far on my late winter Cincinnati vacation. But I might get the clam strips at some point soon.

Anything goes when you are on vacation.

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I Roll Down The Streets Of Cincinnati In My Cadillac—Turn Off That Fox News

You might wonder how a big time blogger such as myself rolls down our roads and highways.

I roll in style.

Above you see my black Cadillac parked a few hours ago at a White Castle in Covington, Kentucky.

How am I able to drive such a fine American-made car?

It is a rental.

How did I come to be able to afford to rent such a car?

The rental car company let me have it to get rid of me and my complaints.

The first car I rented on my current trip to Cincinnati, Ohio was a Dodge Charger. That was what they had on the lot that I could tolerate.

It turned out though that the headlights on the Charger only worked in high beam. I can’t go around town with my brights on for the duration of my visit.

I called the customer service number and they said I had to go back to the airport lot to get a new car.

Once back at the airport lot, they wanted to give me a car that I did not like as much as my first car. Also, I dealt with two people who could not offer up a simple apology about how I had to drive back to the airport in the rain to get a replacement car.

I went off the lot and into the car rental place office.

And, of course, the TV at the rental car office check out line was playing Fox News.

I say “of course” because  I have been in that car rental office a number of times in recent years, and every time I am there they have Fox News on that damned TV.

I know I should have said something a long time ago. But when I’ve got some time off and I’m out on the road, I just want some peace. 

This time though I said, in a calm tone because I respect my fellow working people, that I had to drive down to the airport lot in the rain, that  now they wanted to give me  a cruddy replacement car, and that I do not pay money to rent cars from these folks so that I have to look at Fox News for any amount of time.

And just like that they conjured up a nice black Cadillac.

I was so pleased with this car, that I stopped at the White Castle in Covington, Kentucky to celebrate with a cup of decaf and an order of fries.

You might see me any day now rolling down the streets of Cincinnati in my Cadillac. I’ll have the driver’s side  window open, and I’ll be playing my favorite New Order and Joy Division tunes.

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Cabbie–Take Me To White Castle

I took this picture two weeks ago while waiting in drive-up line at a Cincinnati White Castle at 1:50 AM on a Friday night.

The people in front of me wanted to go to White Castle so badly, that they directed the cab they were riding to stop at the White Castle as they were being driven to wherever it was they were going.

It is possible that they may have been drunk.

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Take Ownership Of The Constitution From The Far Right—Learn, Fight Back & Win

Republicans in control of the U.S. House read the Constitution out loud today on the floor of the U. S. House.

There is nothing wrong with reading the Constitution out loud. All people should know the Constitution.

The mistake has been us as liberals, progressives, and Democrats to allow people on the far-right, such as just about every member of the Republican Party at this point, to lay claim to ideological ownership of our founding documents.

The Constitution does not belong to people who feel it does not protect the rights of all Americans.

With this blog post, you see my copy of the Constitution with my cup of coffee at the White Castle at the corner of Reading & Taft in Cincinnati.

I keep a copy of the Constitution at all times. I have it with me even when I’m on the road. I’m ready to reply to all Constitutional questions should a Constitutional debate break out on the sidewalk, or any other place I may be in daily life. I’m not giving up our freedoms to any so-called Tea Party.

The Constitution is both the starting point of our laws, and a document that allows us to make progress in our society.

The Constitution allows for the rights of all people, and it allows for advancements to be made towards the goal of universal health care.

Learn about the Constitution for yourself. Don’t shy away from what makes our nation strong. Don’t let our futures be defined by our most selfish and fearful fellow citizens.

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An Excellent Spouse Is Someone Who Can Put Up With You

My wife is such an excellent wife. We travel 900 miles, and she is content to visit a White Castle in Northern Kentucky.

An excellent spouse is someone who can put up with you and keep smiling.

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Price Of Hamburgers

This White Castle, at the intersection of Taft and Reading in Cincinnati, is quite fair-minded to offer six hamburgers for under $400.

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Table For One

Here is a table for one at the White Castle on Central Parkway in Cincinnati, Ohio.

You are dining alone if you are at this table.

There is a lot to be said for being by yourself. Going out by yourself gives you the time and space you need to read, think, and reflect.

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I Swear On The High Seas & In Front Of The U.S. Flag That I Am On Vacation

I am on vacation.

I will attest to this on the high seas of Galveston Bay and in front of the United States flag.

This is a picture taken by a couple that was on the Bolivar Ferry with me this afternoon.

The man was practiced at being friendly while the woman was standoffish.

As I noted in an recent post, I was supposed to fly to Cincinnati this morning.

Snow got in the way of that flight. So I drove an hour south to go see the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston.

I will try again to fly to Cincinnati in 12 hours.

Why am I going to Cincinnati in February? It is because Cincinnati is a garden spot of the Earth.

If over the next few days you see a guy in a rental car ordering a cup of decaf coffee from a White Castle in Cincinnati—That might well be me.

I’ll be posting over the next week. I’m just not sure what I’ll be posting.

Thank you for reading Texas Liberal. I hope you get a vacation very soon. I’m sure that you have earned some time off.

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Man Orders “Fish Nibblers” At White Castle At 2 AM

I was in the White Castle drive-Up line at 2 AM this morning and I heard a man in a car behind me order the “fish nibblers.”

This was at the Central Parkway White Castle in Cincinnati. 

I thought to myself–” Does that cat really need to be ordering fish nibblers at 2 AM?”

This link suggests fish nibblers are not good for you.

There were 7 cars in line at 2 AM.

I was in one of those cars. I ordered a cup of decaf coffee. 

There was a lot of action at the Central Parkway White Castle at 2 AM. 

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Give Instant Lottery Ticket To White Castle Worker While Bronski Beat Is Playing And Everybody Is Happy

This evening I ordered a cup of coffee at the White Castle at the intersection of Central Parkway and Martin Luther King in Cincinnati. I did this at the drive-up window.

The young woman who served the coffee was very nice. She was so nice, I gave her one of the Turkey Tripler $1 instant lottery tickets I had in my coat pocket. Maybe, though not likely I admit, she will win enough money to cover her Thanksgiving dinner.   

She seemed to appreciate my actions.

My rental car has satellite radio and I was listening to the 80’s new wave channel while ordering my coffee. I had my excellent interaction with the White Castle employee while  Bronski Beat was playing.

They are not my favorite, but it was good enough.

It’s good when everybody is happy. 

Service workers merit our respect. 

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