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I Took A Walk Along Some Railroad Tracks—The Solid And The Abstract Give Substance To One Another

A few days ago, I took a walk along some railroad tracks here in Houston. Not wanting to be on the wrong side of the tracks, I walked in-between the tracks.

Here are facts about railroad tracks are built from howstuffworks.com

I wager though that if you live this close to the tracks, any side of the tracks is the wrong side.

The variations of sound you hear from a moving train are often used to illustrate the Doppler Effect.

On my walk, I encountered this rat skeleton.

The trains must run right over the skeleton.

Here are facts about rats from the Illinois Department of Public Health. Apparently they often live in the vicinity of railroad tracks.

Turning around to head back home–and staying noncommittal in-between the tracks– I could see at a distance the skyline of Houston.

Here are some details about the Houston Skyline.

Just about everyplace can be an interesting place.

Everything we need to see and think about the world around us is accessible with effort and imagination.

This is the case of the physical world of railroad tracks and rat skeletons, and the metaphorical world of being on the right or wrong side of the tracks.

The solid and the abstract give substance to one another.

(All photos copyright 2011 Neil Aquino.)

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Have A Holiday That Keeps You In Touch With How Things Were–And Still Are

The photo above is of a Downtown Houston department store I was in today.

I walked around Downtown today. I often visit Downtown.

This holiday season—-Clip a coupon from a newspaper, walk around and see stuff, visit a department store, and give a few bucks to a charity of some kind.

Have a nice holiday that keeps you in touch with the way life once was, and in fact still is in many respects.

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Take A Walk

The photo in this post is of the Illinois prairie area of the Chicago Botanical Garden.

I took this picture last August.

These gardens were like some kind of paradise. I’m certain they are nice in the fall and even in the winter.

If I were you—and in a sense I am you because we are all connected—I’d find a nice place to take a walk. Either by yourself or with someone else.

Slow down and take a walk. Anybody looking for you to hurry up is likely looking to make a buck off you or trying to fool you in some manner.

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Visit Kenosha, Wisconsin—Find Some Peace In Life


If you take a walk on Lake Michigan waterfront in Kenosha, Wisconsin on a day it is raining, you will be left to yourself and your thoughts. I took such a walk two weeks ago. Above is a picture I took while on my walk.

I’ve never been to Kenosha on a sunny day, but I am sure it is quite light and bright when the sun is shining. For my purposes, the dark day worked fine. 

Though the rain kept folks away when I was in town, people do visit Kenosha and there are things to see and do in Kenosha. Even in the rain there were folks fishing at the lakefront. 

Here is a link to what you can do and see when in Kenosha.

I enjoyed my visit to the Kenosha History Center.

Here is the link to the Daily Kenoshan newspaper.

It is good to find a place where you can have some peace. Doing so will allow you to collect your thoughts and assess what you want to do in life.

It is good to visit a small city like Kenosha where the folks will be glad that you have decided to look around.

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Though The Little Bastards Laughed—You Can Indeed Read While You Walk

Many years ago, maybe around 1975, a classmate of mine in the Providence, Rhode Island public schools told the class he read books as he walked to school.

The other kids laughed. They did so because they were little bastards. The teacher did not offer much support. She said something dumb about bumping into trees or some junk like that.  

The kid who said this was named Mike Van Leesten. I hope he has done well in life. 

I read while I walk at the Memorial park jogging/walking trail in Houston. I get a lot of reading done that way. It is a good use of time.

I think of Mike Van Leesten when I read and walk. This even though I have not seen him in nearly 30 years. 

Good rule of thumb—If the other kids laugh and the teacher offers little support, you might well be on to something.

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The Mobility Of Ideas


I’ve begun reading Wanderlust—A History of Walking by Rebecca Solnit. I walk often—Even here in pedestrian-hostile Houston. 

Here is an excerpt from the book I think has some value. Ms. Solnit is speaking of the Ancient Greek Sophists and it leads to these thoughts—

“….they were often mobile, as are many of those whose first loyalty is to ideas. It may be that loyalty to something as immaterial as ideas sets thinkers apart from those whose loyalty is tied to people and locale, for the loyalty that ties down the latter will often drive the former from place to place. It is an attachment that requires detachment…..ideas are not as reliable or popular a crop as, say, corn, and those who cultivate them often must keep moving in pursuit of support as well as truth. Many professions in many cultures, from musicians to medics, have been nomadic, possessed of a kind of diplomatic immunity to the strife between communities that keeps others local.”

I can relate to this to some degree and I imagine many others can as well

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