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Vasquez, Tea Party Republicans And Perry Appear To Be Teaming Up For Texas Two-Step Of Voter Harassment And Intimidation

As I wrote yesterday, Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Leo Vasquez is harassing the Houston Votes voter registration drive so that many among the poor, the young, and in our Hispanic community may be denied the right to vote.

Mr. Vasquez is working in tandem with local Tea Party groups. This despite the fact that Mr. Vasquez was defeated in the Republican primary earlier this year. At the time of his defeat, Mr. Vasquez said he felt that one of the reasons he had lost was possibly the fact he is Hispanic.

Mr. Vasquez is now in league with these bigoted so-called Tea Party Groups.

One local Tea Party group, the King Street Patriots , seems also to be offering up its resources to serve as a meeting place for a major Rick Perry for Governor event in Houston.

The Tea Party wants change in Texas and in America so badly that they are supporting for reelection a man who has been Governor of Texas for ten years already.

It is as if the Boston Tea Party was all about keeping King George in power.

On their website the King Street Patriots say the following—

“We need hundreds of volunteers to work as pollwatchers on Election Day. Click here to sign up now! Play Your Part in Keeping Our Elections Free and Fair!”

Where will these pollwatchers be sent and what will they be doing? What kind of questions will they be asking?

The fact is that there is not much voter fraud in Texas.

What may well be at work here is orchestrated voter suppression and intimidation of voters.

Mr. Vasquez, the Tea Party, the Republican Party, and Governor Perry seem to have it all worked out.

These dark forces will help make sure that many voters they think may be Democrats won’t be able to register to vote.

For those who do vote, there will be Tea Party goons at the polls questioning people of color or people they just don’t like.

It is a Texas Two-Step of voter suppression and intimidation. Mr. Vasquez works on the suppression while the Tea Party handles the intimidation.

What will be the response of the Democratic Party, of Democratic candidates, and of people of good conscience in our community to this attack on democracy?

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