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Cigarette Machine

Above is a photo I took recently in Houston of a cigarette machine.

You used to see these machines all the time. Now you don’t see them so often.

The cigarettes in this machine cost $10.

Tobacco is indeed the Devil’s weed.

Though the truth is my dad smoked incessantly from the Truman years up until his death–from lung cancer—in 2011.

I’d be hard-pressed to say anything other than that cigarettes probably made by father’s life more enjoyable.

Still—Please do quit now if you smoke.

Just the price alone of a pack cigarettes is enough to make you quit.

Here is some history of vending machines. 

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Vending Machine Theft—Who Is Most Likely To Steal?

These are two soda vending machines at the Bolivar Ferry terminal in Galveston, Texas.

I was not certain if they were caged in to prevent people from busting them open and taking the money, or to prevent the machines themselves from being stolen.

It did appear there was enough room through the bars to stick you arm in and buy a drink.

The Bolivar Ferry is a free service of the Texas Department of Transportation that somehow escapes Tea Party/Republican Party accusations of being a socialist front.

In the case of these machines, it seems a concern is that people might steal from government rather than the often heard lament that government is ripping off the people.

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Vending Machine Selling Books–If I Controlled The World’s Vending Machines

Here is a vending machine that sells books. This machine is at Seattle Center. Seattle Center is where the Space Needle is located.

If I was in charge of the world’s vending machines,they would all sell books.

Vending machines under my command would sell works of history and well-regarded novels.

I suppose that this would greatly diminish global vending machine profits.

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