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The RR On Mitt Romney’s Jet Stands For Redefining Rape

(Blogger’s Note 10/26/12– I need to add a mention here of Republican Indiana U.S. Senate nominee Richard Mourdock. Mr. Mourdack said that pregnancy that results from rape are “something God intended.”  Mr. Mourdock is one of a number of Republican candidates across the nation in 2012 who oppose abortion even in cases of rape. Mr. Romney recently filmed an ad for Mr. Mourdock and still says he supports Mr. Mourdock. These are  positions supported by Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan.  

When I was in Cincinnati recently I saw Mitt Romney’s jet at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati.

Above you see a picture I took of Mr. Romney’s plane. Governor Romney was speaking at Cincinnati’s historic Union Terminal.

The RR on the tail of plane stands for “Redefining Rape.”

Or–if maybe there are 3 R’s on the tail–it could be “Romney Redefines Rape” or “Ryan Redefines Rape.”

Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan shares the view of Missouri Congressman Todd Akin that some forms of rape are not “legitimate rape.”

How have we reached the point where we feel that some forms of rape are not rape at all?

Here in Texas, women who seek a constitutionally protected abortion are subject to the state-mandated rape of the forced sonogram law. Rick Perry signed that law.

These folks fly around in big airplanes and hold the highest offices in the nation and run for President and Vice President of the United States–But really they are simply brutal men who would redefine rape and brutalize the poor.

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Working People Celebrated In Cincinnati Mural—Let’s Have Confidence In Ourselves

I’m sitting right now in the giant half-rotunda of Cincinnati’s Union Terminal.

The picture with this post is a section of Winold Reiss’ famous mural depicting the history of Cincinnati.

You see both black and white working people in the photo.

This would be a better nation if we could see ourselves more clearly as fellow working people—no matter if white collar or blue collar— and not tear each down because of resentments,or due to racial and ethnic differences.

I think respect for fellow working people is in good part about self-respect. Let’s have the confidence in ourselves to have faith in our ability for collective action. Let’s have the confidence in ourselves to fight back and win against rising income inequality and declining benefits and wages.

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Steel Workers By Winold Reiss

File:Weinold Reiss - Steel workers.jpg

The above is titled Steel Workers and was painted by Winold Reiss around 1920.

Mr. Reiss lived 1886-1953. Here is some information about his life.

Here is the link to the United Steel Workers

One of the most famous works by Mr. Reiss are the large murals at Cincinnati’s Union Terminal. You get at least a small sense of these murals from the picture below. Some of these murals are also on display at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport.

Here is information on the murals.


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Photo Of Cincinnati’s Union Terminal

Here is a photo I took a few months ago of the well-known Union Terminal in Cincinnati.

At one time many trains arrived at Union Terminal.

Now it is a museum center with four museums inside.

While I voted no on the absurd sales tax increase to fund a stadium for the bullying and greedy Cincinnati Bengals football team, a team that loses week after week and year after year, I voted yes on the levy to fund the conversion of Union Terminal to a museum center. 

Union Terminal is worth a visit should life take you to Cincinnati.

Here is a very good web page on Union Terminal. It takes a moment to load, but it is worth the wait.

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