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Sunny Yellow Tugboats In Seattle

Here is a picture of a number of yellow tugboats near the Ballard Locks in Seattle.

I know it is supposed to be cloudy in Seattle, but I’ve had sun on all the 4 days I’ve been in Seattle so far.

It has been cloudy in the mornings, but very sunny in the afternoons.

Here is a picture of some sunny yellow tugboats in Seattle, Washington.

These boats are damned cheery in an industrial sort of way.

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Tugboat Photos/Aristotle’s Golden Mean

Here is a picture of a little tugboat—


Here is a picture of a big tugboat—


Somewhere in-between the size of these two tugboats is Aristotle’s Concept of the Golden Mean as described below–

 Aristotle's Concept of the Golden Mean
-- Defect -- BALANCE + Excess +
cowardice COURAGE rashness
stinginess LIBERALITY extravangance
sloth AMBITION greed
humility MODESTY pride
secrecy HONESTY loquacity
moroseness GOOD HUMOR buffoonery
quarrelsomeness  FRIENDSHIP flattery
self-indulgence TEMPERANCE insensibility
apathy EQUANIMITY irascibility
Hamlet’s Indecisiveness  Atticus’ SELF CONTROL Don Quixote’s Impulsiveness

Here is an introduction to Aristotle. 

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