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The Role Of Luck And Circumstance Means That We All Need Help And That We All Must Help Ourselves

I was walking around a few days back here in Houston and saw the scene you see above where one tree was still living and another tree right next to the living tree was cut down.

Who knows why stuff like that happens?

It does not remove any of the meaning from life to say that the only reason one tree made it and the other tree did not was simply blind luck and circumstance.

Acknowledging  the role of blind luck and circumstance does not mean that we don’t have to work hard in life, and that we are not in good part responsible for the outcomes we get in life.

What making note of such factors means is that we have a role in helping others, and that a government that gains legitimacy only by the consent of the governed has a role in helping people who are also willing to help themselves.

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Ongoing Drought In Houston

Above is a picture of trees at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center.

I took this picture yesterday.

These trees are sick and dying due to the long drought that we are having in Houston and in Texas.

Here is the most recent federal map on where in the U.S. drought conditions are prevailing.

Here is a link to water conservation rules and suggestions for Houston.

Here is a Houston Chronicle story on the drought’s impact on local trees.

I hope it rains soon.

(Photo copyright Neil Aquino 2011)

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Post Full Of Distractions—Giving The People What They Want

Here is a post full of distractions. In America we like distractions to take us away from the fact that we are a second-world nation in decline.

It is easier to be distracted than to take part in politics and in public affairs.

I want to give the people what they want.

The text in the post is for people who want a distraction from the distractions.

Above is a running donkey. Sometimes you run and run in life, and yet it feels that you have not made much progress.

It might also be said that the donkey symbolizes the Democratic Party.

We vote for Democrats year after year, and yet we do not appear to be moving ahead.

At the same time, our Republican Party has gone far-right crazy.

Like in Egypt and in Wisconsin, everyday people will have to do the hard work of freedom.

Below is the spinning Earth. We are all sisters and brothers on the spinning Earth.

Don’t be fooled by folks who tell you immigrants are trouble or Muslims are bad.

That kind of talk is just a distraction.

Below is a house being built.

You don’t see that much anymore.

Next is a pink heart and gay pride symbol indicating my support for gay marriage.

We should let people be with the people they want to be with in this brief life.

Gay marriage harms nobody.

Here we have a boat and a bridge. Regular readers of this blog will know I like water and boats.

We can stay the course even when there is an obstacle ahead.

Below is Franklin D. Roosevelt. F.D.R was a great President who helped bring us Social Security.

Your belief in so-called limited government will be of cold comfort when you are old and broke.

You are crazy if you think the private sector will help you get by when you are old.

Finally, we have a tree with one remaining falling leaf.

Life ends with death. But then there is renewal.

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Woman In Snow In Central Park—She Is Strong Enough To Resist The Prevailing Winds

My friend Alison Rusza, who lives in New York City, made this print or however it would be properly termed, of a person in the snow.

(Update–It is glass and paint.)

Since it has been snowing so much in New York City this year, and since trees are in the picture, I’d say it is a representation of a woman in Central Park while it is snowing.

You see that she is confident by herself.

You see that the woman is not deterred by the fact that the snow pile and blowing trees are much bigger than she.

You see that she is leaning in the opposite direction of the wind.

This is a person who does more than just move in whatever direction the wind is blowing.

In the top left, you see that the sun is making an appearance. The light of the sun is reflected in the snow drift even as the snow flakes continue to fall.

Life is many things at once. It is natural that some of these things contradict each other.

This picture is good-natured and it has substance.

Good-natured and substantive at the same time is a useful thing to accomplish.

Thanks to Alison for allowing me to use it on the blog.

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No Entry For Houston Tree

No matter how aggressively that tree knocks on the door, it is not going to be allowed in that building.

(Photo copyright 2011 by Neil Aquino.)

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Trees In What Was A Building

Here are trees in what was once a building in the Mt. Auburn neighborhood of Cincinnati.

Nothing is forever.

Nothing is even for all that long.

Make the best of each day, while at the same time seeing the big picture.

Photo copyright Neil Aquino.

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Do Trees Change Color In Houston?

Do trees in Houston ever change color?

As you see from this I picture I recently took in Houston, the answer is yes.

The caveat, however, is that, as you see above, the only trees that change color in Houston are those located in shopping strip center parking lots.

Here are facts about trees most likely to change color in Houston.

Photo copyright Neil Aquino.

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Thoughts On Bush Tax Cut Deal Illustrated By Tree, Sidewalk & Grass

Above you see that people and nature can co-exist.

The tree can go on being a tree and people can still take a walk.

That is at least one way of looking at this picture I took in Houston a few weeks back.

Another way of looking at this picture is that the tree is the Republican Party that would not allow unemployment benefits to be extended, unless tax cuts were kept for the 2% most wealthy of Americans and unless the wealthy got a break on the estate tax.

Democrats are the sidewalk that yielded to these obscene demands.

Rotten tree.

Why do Democrats always seem to be sidewalk and Republicans always seem to be the tree?

This “compromise” will add to the budget deficit. We keep hearing about the budget deficit. Yet that does not seem to matter so much when tax cuts for the rich are at issue.

Barack Obama has said for the longest time that he would not support extending the Bush tax cuts for the most wealthy.

I’m not even sure that Mr. Obama is the sidewalk in this picture.

Maybe he’s the grass you see growing on the left.

Passive silent grass that just hangs around waiting for some rain or waiting to be mowed.

The road on the left is the powerful driving unencumbered to more money and power while others catch Hell in this recession.

When I took this picture I thought it represented man and nature living in harmony.

I want to be hopeful.

I just don’t think co-existence can be about one side always being rooted in far-right extremist ideas, and the other side always giving way.

Rank-and-file liberals, progressives, Democrats, independents, and centrists need to fight back.

Republicans are not about the deficit or about working on addressing the recession.

Republicans are about serving the interests of the few and about  far-right extremism on social issues.

The leadership and action of average citizens is needed now to offer a countervailing view to this frightening reality.

Photo Copyright Neil Aquino.

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Albion’s Seed Is Texas Liberal Book Of The Day—Toxic Trees In Russia

Blogger’s Note—Because I have some other projects I want to take on, I’ll be offering up shorter and more formulaic posts for the remainder of August. These posts will still be quite good and will merit your visiting the blog each day. Yet at the same time, shorter posts will allow me time to accomplish other objectives. Thanks for reading Texas Liberal.

Texas Liberal Book Of The DayAlbion’s Seed—Four British Folkways In America by David Hackett Fischer. This is book is shown above by my friend Hamburger Wearing An Astros’ Hat.

This book is an account of the ongoing impact of British settlement in colonial America. It is interesting to see how the beliefs and habits of people who lived so many years ago are still impacting American life. You can see by how tattered the book ios that Hamburger really enjoyed this title.

Link Of The Day-The forest fires in Russia are burning trees that were coated in radioactive fallout from the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident. This has raised a concern of radioactive smoke.

We’ve found a way in the world to make even trees be toxic.

Texas Link Of The Day—Please be certain to visit the Houston political blog Brains & Eggs each chance you get.

Local political bloggers do the best they can do with the time they have to make the world a better place.

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Excellent Tree

Here is a picture of a nice tree I took a few days ago in Cincinnati, Ohio.

You see the snow and you can imagine that the day was cold. But even in the cold, you can see how hopeful the tree and all it’s branches are.

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Yesterday I Joined Both Greenpeace And Democratic Women Of Denton County, Texas–Let Us Think And Act Both Locally And Globally

Yesterday I mailed donations to both Greenpeace and to Democratic Women of Denton County, Texas.

I have a blogger comrade who is a co-founder of the Democratic Women of Denton County.

She is going to move the good people of Denton County to the left!

Here is some history of Denton County. This county is in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

I mailed just enough money to become a member of both groups.

Above you see the envelopes all ready to go that I mailed away yesterday.

I took a picture of them leaning up against a tree.


Why not? Greenpeace likes trees. And I imagine that the Democratic Women of Denton County like trees just fine as well.

Here is the link to Greenpeace.

Here is a post I did on the Director of Greenpeace.

Here is the link to Democratic Women of Denton County.

Let us act and think both locally and globally.

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Back Up And Running With A Picture Of A Tree

The blog was down for two days because of some connection problems with my internet service.  These issues seemed to be an extension of problems I had last week. 

To celebrate the end of almost 36 hours of darkness–except for my ability to speak to others, read books, write letters, and let people into traffic—I am running a nice picture of a tree. 

You would think I would run a spring-like picture of a tree since this is spring and I’m back up and running. But death is part of life and look how nice this tree looks as it sheds leaves for winter.

I took this picture last Thanksgiving just outside the city limits of Cincinnati.

On a fully unrelated subject, my good friend and fellow blogger Jobsanger has written a post on the election of a new left-wing president in Paraguay. This ends the 60 year rule of the Colorado party in that nation. I had intended to write about this subject, but Jobsanger covers it well in his post.  

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