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Red Light Cameras Turned Off In Houston—Let The Killing Begin!

Because the public has spoken, all red light cameras are being turned off in Houston.

As we allow our smart phones and personal computers to  track us for the good of commerce, we surely can’t allow government to know when we were running a red light at a Houston intersection.

Anybody who drives in Houston knows our roads are filled with crazies.

Now, because we as a community lack the character to obey the law and to conduct ourselves with others in mind, the carnage will get that much worse.

And just to make certain you’ll die if you’re not killed in the accident, we here in Texas will work to repeal Health Care Reform and to pull Texas out of Medicaid.

Pro-life all the way!!!!!

(Read here about all the ways Health Care Reform helps average working people. Do you want to go back to lifetime limits on policies and to when you could be kicked off your policy for getting sick?)

Let the killing begin!!!!!

(Below–The Grim Reaper will be making some extra stops in Houston. Drawing by MesserWoland. )

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Do-It-Yourself Exiting On Houston Highways


The picture above of a Houston highway is a scene familiar to anybody who has spent time on Houston-area roads.

The picture shows cars leaving the highway because they are stuck in traffic or stuck behind an accident or some other delay.

Maybe this is something going on around the nation, but I sure don’t recall such actions in the years I lived in Cincinnati. I’ve not seen this anywhere else.

The highway has marked exits for a reason.  I was never aware that getting on or off the highway at some other point than the marked exits was an option.  

This picture is courtesy of a blog called The Houghs.  I don’t know the Hough family, but they were nice enough to let me use the picture. Here is the link to the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Overland Park, Kansas. This church seems to play a large part in the life of Hough family.

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Driver Honks, Rolls Down Window, Asks If I Want Obama Sticker

A few days ago I was stopped at a red light when the driver in the car next to me honked and signaled me to roll down my passenger side window.

I eyed him warily and rolled down the window with one hand, while reaching for the revolver in my glove compartment with the other hand.

Ha!–That’s a joke. I rolled down my window to see what he wanted.

He said he saw the Rick Noriega for U.S. Senate bumper sticker on my car, and asked if I would like an Obama sticker. He waved a few Obama stickers around. I told him I had one already and that I had just not put it on my car as of yet. ( I’ve still not put the sticker on. I will, I will.)   

This interaction warmed my heart. It’s good to know people are driving about looking to do the right thing. Decent folks know this gentleman was motivated by a desire for a better country and for a government that helps people.

It is excellent that we all have the capacity to do small things that make other people’s day a bit better, and that some are able to help us all move forward even when stuck at a red light.

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