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Conflicting Directions


These traffic signs along Memorial Dr. in Houston are making opposite assertions.

I took this picture last week.

In theory there is no wrong path you could take when told to go in every direction.

I’m not certain though that in practice things will work out if you go in every direction.

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It Is Difficult To Know What The Future Will Bring—At Least It Will Bring Something

As the sign above suggests, it is difficult to know what is ahead in life.

I saw this sign while out and about in Houston.

The good news though is that the sign at least implies there is something ahead.

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How Long Should One Wait At The Stay Sign?

I encountered this Stay Sign in Houston a couple of days ago.

I stayed for a couple of hours as people honked behind me.

Rules are rules.

I hope don’t encounter this sign again when I am in a hurry to get somewhere.

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