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“To Bow And To Bend I Won’t Be Ashamed” Is New Personal Motto—Singing Simple Gifts In Downtown Houston

Above is a video of me in Downtown Houston singing a portion of the Shaker hymn Simple Gifts. The video is 33 seconds long.

Simple Gifts was written in 1848. Please click here for a video where I recite all the lyrics to Simple Gifts while on Galveston Island. You’ll also find information about the song at the link.

I’ve adopted some words from this song as my new personal motto.

My new personal motto is–“To bow and to bend I won’t be ashamed.”

I’m going to try to live by these words to the extent I’m able.

If I can live by these words, and if I can create things of value with the talents I have in life, then I’ll merit the regard of my friends and the regard of people I meet as I proceed in the world.

It is all a work in progress.

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