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Tip Time-And-A-Half On New Year’s Day—Fellow Working People Merit Our Respect

Image, Source: digital file from intermediary roll film

If on New Year’s Day  you make use of the services of a person who normally would receive a tip,  please be certain to tip that person the same time-and-a-half rate you would expect to be paid for working a holiday.

(Photo above–The Di Costanzo family on New Year’s Eve 1942 at the restaurant they owned in New York City.)

This is only fair.

Cab drivers and waiters are working people just as you are.

If you are not paid extra for working a holiday, please do not take it out on others.

The rights and status of working people in this country are tenuous enough as it is.

If we do not respect each other as fellow working people, we are all screwed.

Please respect the labor of others just as you would hope others would respect the hours of your life that you spend at work.

And, also, please don’t drink and drive on New Year’s Eve.

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Don’t Forget To Tip At Time-And-A-Half If You Eat Out On Thanksgiving


If you are going to eat out on Thanksgiving Day, as many people do, please be certain to reward good service with at least a time-and-a-half tip.

That would be 22.5% if you normally tip 15% and 30% if you normally give 20%.

You would expect time-and-a-half pay for working a holiday. That’s what you should give to people working for you on a holiday.  

The painting is called “Restaurant in Moscow.” It is from 1916 and was painted by Boris Kustodiev.  

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