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I Wish Tiger Woods’ Affair Had Been With Punk Rock Icon Exene

What if Tiger Woods had had his affair with punk rock star Exene Cervenka from the band X?


As an aging punk rocker, I think that would have been great.

Instead, Mr. Woods seems to have been in the company of a cocktail waitress.

There is nothing wrong with being a cocktail waitress—All work has value—but that is not very original on the part of Mr. Woods.

While I disapprove of the affair —As you might expect of a utopian minimalist with Puritanical leanings—what a blow it would have struck for my side of society’s aisle for a mainstream figure such as Mr. Woods to have cavorting with a punk rock icon.

Maybe next time.

Here is Exene’s web page.

Here are my greatest punk rock moments.

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