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Individuality & Connection

I was out and about in Houston today.

The picture above was taken today and conveys the fact that it was quite sunny.

I was thinking as I walked and drove around about the need to take everybody as individual, while at the same time not forgetting that everyone is connected.

These two imperatives can draw upon different internal resources, and can highlight competing strains of thought about how to view the world.

Also, it was so bright and sunny as I traveled  around the big city today. Individual things stand in such clear relief when so clearly lit.

Still–I was not swayed from my thoughts. Being under the light of the sun was a unifying aspect of the things I saw.

In the year ahead please consider finding the internal resources and flexibility of mind to accept the people you encounter as individuals and without preconceived notions, while at the same time grasping that what happens to one person happens to all people.

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I Think Being Dead Must Be Loud

File:Viking funeral.jpg

I think dead must be loud because whenever in life I’m unable to get some peace and quiet, I feel like I’m half-dead.

I think that when you die you enter a place of unceasing noise. That’s how you know you are dead–You’re unable to have a coherent thought without disruption.

Being dead is like a state of being when you feel, for a moment at least, that you’d might as well be dead. Or when you feel  your mind is dead because you can’t think.

Above is a painting of a Viking funeral by Frank Bernard Dicksee. The name of the painting is Funeral of a Viking. It is from 1893.

Here is how this painting is described at the web home of the Manchester Art Gallery

A Viking killed in battle is laid out in his boat which has been ceremonially set ablaze and is being pushed out to sea with the tide. Fire and water will combine to release the spirit, allowing the heroic warrior to enter Valhalla,the god Odin’s glorious Hall of the Slain.

The vantage point that Dicksee has selected invites the viewer to feel they are part of the crowd gathered in the gloom for this ancient ceremony.

Maybe being dead is more quiet if you’re pushed out to sea. But as the sea is not immune to people coming around and polluting and befouling it, I’m not so certain that death at sea is any less loud than anywhere else.

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