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Layers Of The Past—A Road Is More Than Just A Road

In the two months since my dad died, I’ve had some contact with relatives I’ve not had any interaction with for many years.

Not having much to do with family over the years, I’m still deciding to what extent I want to engage these folks.

Dad’s death seems to have dug up layers of the past.

Should I pave them over or not?

I was driving on Washington Avenue here in Houston a few days ago and I encountered this literal example of layers of the past.

Everything we do and everything we say has context. Each place we go is someplace visited by others before we arrived.

Layers of the past and the context in which words and actions occur can be dug up by taking the time to recall events in our lives, or to recall the history of a specific place or circumstance.

Layers of the past can be dug up events we have no control over such as the death of another person or running into an old friend on the street.

Layers of the past can be dug up by a public works street repair crew.

Metaphor and the physical world give each other meaning.

A road is more than just a road.

Expand your view of existence by seeing things both for what they are and for what they could possibly represent.

With a little effort this is a capacity that every person has the abilty to accomplish.

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This Video, Filmed In Front Of Hurricane Remembrances, Is An Appeal For Us To Understand Our Past

Above is a one minute video I filmed in front of the 1900 Galveston Hurricane memorial statue. At the time I shot this video, there was a temporary display up around the statue marking the one year anniversary of Hurricane Ike.

In this video, I make the point that I am aware of the past.

It is important we be aware of the past. The past provides context for what is taking place at present, and provides clues as to what may happen in the future.

It is easy to dupe the public at-large, or an individual, when they are not aware of the past.

All events, whether in your personal life, or in the wider world, have some context.

Please take some time to consider what aspects of the past are relevant to your present and your future. Please consider what it is you could learn about the past that might help you understand why the world is the way it is today. 

Here is information about the 1900 Galveston Hurricane.

Here is information about Hurricane Ike’s impact on Galveston and the Texas Gulf Coast.  

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