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Public Image Limited For The Fourth Of July—On Being Separatist And Community Minded At One Time

To mark the Fourth of July, I’ve posted a video of some of my favorite British Subjects.

It’s a video of Public Image Limited’s Public Image from 1980.

It’s a hell of a song.

I’m posting this video in honor of  my separatist ancestors who came to Massachusetts from England in the 17th century.

I’m posting it for my fellow aging punk rockers.

I’m posting this video for everybody who gets the idea of being both separatist and community-minded at the same time

And I’m posting it for everyone who gets and welcomes the conservatism inherent in this dual outlook, in a nation where unchecked individual autonomy is a religion of the elite and of many of your so-called educated people.

Here is a video of me singing The Damned’s Wait For The Blackout at the Houston Ship Channel.

Here is information about the biggest punk rock blast in the nation for 2009. It will be held in Newport, Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati, on August 15. I will be the host of this event.

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Top Texas Political Blogger Sings The Damned At Houston Ship Channel—Let Go As Life Is Brief And Brutal

Above is a video of me singing The Damned’s Wait For The Blackout at the Houston Ship Channel.

Life is short and you’d might as well just let go.

One way to let go is to tell the people you care about how much you care about them.

Life is brief and often brutal.

At the end of the song it says–“There is no vision here.”

Quoting the Bible, Franklin Roosevelt said in his 1933 inaugural address that “Without vision the people perish.”

I stand by both the song and by President Roosevelt’s speech.

Please don’t forget—I’ll be hosting the biggest punk rock event in the nation this August 15 in Newport, Kentucky. Newport is just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.

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