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Living In The Lap Of Labor Book Release At Comet In Cincinnati On 9/3—-It Shall Be A Big Event

(Blogger’s Note—As you can see below, I’ll be taking part in the big event that is the subject of this post. Please stop by and say hello if you are in Cincinnati!)  

Living in the Lap of Labor Book Release September 3!

LIVING IN THE LAP OF LABOR is the latest and greatest from the hard-working editors of Aurore Press on the subject of LABOR. You know, the daily drudgery, grind, sweat, slog, moil, slavery, travail, chore, duty, treadmill…look it up yourself!

THE BOOK includes over 20 writers expanding on the topic of WORK. On September 3 at The Comet, get the book, hear 14 contributors read and listen to the working class sounds of Uncle Dave Lewis & William Gilmore Weber IIIDixie Trash and SS-20!

Be sure to get a book this Saturday. The first 40 copies are available in a limited edition super industrial format!

Readings begin at 9:30 PM

Nathan Singer
Mark Flanigan
Nick Barrows
Uncle Dave Lewis
Neil Aquino

Mark Messerly

Chuck Byrd
Justin Patrick Moore

Yvette Nepper
Luke Radkey
Betsy Young
Michael Kearns
Candace Miller-Janidlo

The Comet is located at 4579 Hamilton Avenue in Northside: www.cometbar.com.
Be sure to RSVP and let us know you’re coming!

Followed by the music of:

Uncle Dave Lewis & 
William Gilmore Weber III

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Public Speaking Schedule And New Publicity Shot

While you did not realize that you wanted to know my speaking schedule and see my new publicity shot, please allow me to offer these things to the blog reading public.

As I mentioned a few days back, I’ll be on a blogger panel sponsored by Texas Democratic Women on Monday, August 22 at 6:30 PM. This panel discussion will take place at Harris County Democratic Party headquarters at  1445 North Loop West, Suite 110.

I’m not certain what I’ll be saying at this event, though, like Howard Cosell, I’m certain that I will “Tell it like it is.

Also, on the night of Saturday, September 3, I’ll be taking part in the spoken word event being staged by Cincinnati’s Aurore Press that is described below—

“Living in the Lap of Labor book Release September 3 at The Comet— As many of you know already, we like to put our best foot forward by putting out a collection of writings, musings, rantings, etc. on the topic of our choice with the help of many of our (much more) talented friends followed by a spoken word performance.  We’ve had our next topic in our pocket for some time now but it’s fortunately (or unfortunately) an extremely timely one: WORK. This is a labor book featuring a few of our favorite writers.”

The Comet is at located at 4579 Hamilton Avenue in Cincinnati.

With such an agressive speaking schedule—I intend to put my all into these two grueling appearances—I thought I should have a publicity shot ready to go.

A lobster bib lends a measure of dignity to any individual and will enhance my reputation as a serious observer of the political scene.

Legal Sea Foods is free to comp me a meal any time in exchange for the free plug.

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The Door Is Open And There Is Plenty Of Light

Above is a picture of a bar called The Comet. The Comet is located at 4579 Hamilton Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati is one of my hometowns in life.

Stop by The Comet for a beer and for a burrito.

Often The Comet is busy, but in this picture it is empty.

It is good when we get a break from the demands of life and things are quiet.

When things are quiet, we can think.

You see that the door to The Comet is open and there is light both inside and outside  

We need light to see the right course.

The open door allows us to enter and find some refuge. It also allows us to leave and follow the light outside.

You can come and go as you wish—There will be light in either case. 

A bar does the most business in the evening. During the day business is slower and supplies can be received.

We’ve got to restock to have what we need to get through life.

I wish I could call my friends this evening and meet them at The Comet.

But I’m in Houston and the bar is in Cincinnati.

This is okay because I can look at this picture from Cincinnati and recall good things that have happened in my life.

I can be aware that I have many good things going in Houston.

I can look forward to the two times each year I visit Cincinnati and see my friends.

I’m glad for light. I’m glad for time to reflect and take stock. I’m glad for the past and for the present.

And though not pictured here, the evening and times when things are more busy and hectic have value as well.

It all adds up to a good life.

Take a good second look at places and things in your life that you feel you are well-acquainted with. It is possible that you may be able to see and consider these things and places in a new and useful way.

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Spoken Word Event To Mark Release Of godLess by Aurore Press—I’ve Got An Essay In The Book

Cincinnati’s Aurore Press will be holding a spoken word event on July 25 to mark the release of the new book godLess. Above you see the cover of godLess.

The event will be held Cincinnati’s famous The Comet located at 4579 Hamilton Ave. The spoken word begins at 7 PM and will be followed by a musical performance by Jughead and Pedro from Cincinnati’s own SS-20. 

Here is the link for The Comet.

Below is a description of godLess. You’ll note that this blogger is a contributing writer. (I’ve highlighted my name and put it in a bold font so that you won’t miss it.)  

Our latest project is a chapbook we call godLESS, a critical view of religion. Tough subject, especially in this town, but it has to be said.21 varied works in all. Plus a preface by Matt Hart and fantastic cover art by Amy Kreitzer! 

The book, edited by Chuck Byrd, Mary Anne Cowgill and Betsy Young will feature pieces by John Welte, Sr., Neil Aquino, Jacurutu:3, Jana Vaught, Marilyn Phelps, Abiyah, Vivien Vinyl, Chuck Byrd, Justin Patrick Moore, Nathan Singer, Megan Shepherd, Mary Anne Cowgill, Kim Maurer, Mark Messerly, Betsy Young, Kathy Holwadel, Robert W. Sturdevant, Daniel Jones, Susie Martin, J.J. Staples, Jughead…And true to our usual style, we’ll be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Free Inquiry Group of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Aurore Press is Cincinnati’s forum for dissenting views. Please click here to see all that they have going on.

Please don’t forget that I’ll be the host of the most immense punk rock blast in all the nation on August 15 at Newport Kentucky’s Southgate House. This event is also being put on by Aurore Press.

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