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Texans, Rather Than Barack Obama, Will Choose The Weather For Texas—Tropical Storm Don

Texans will not be cowed by a socialized “National Hurricane Center.”

(Above– What the Federal Government wants us to believe.) 

We have been hearing about so-called Tropical Storm Don.

If there is a “tropical storm” off the Texas coast, why can’t hardworking God-fearing Texans see it with their own eyes right now?

And why is government watching over us from space?

Is this how we Remember the Alamo?

I encourage Texans who strongly believe in states rights to head to the beach and take to their boats so Washington understands that it is Texans–and not Barack Obama– who will make the decisions about our weather.

(Below– The Alamo. Photo by Daniel Schwen.)

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Instead Of Sticking To Guns, Congressman Joe Barton Apologizes For BP Remarks—If Barton Had Been At The Alamo, He Would Have Run Like A Coward

Republican U.S Representative Joe Barton of Texas has said that BP is a wronged party in that it has been forced by the White House to pay $20 billion into a fund to assist persons who have economically impacted by the  BP/Transocean Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

(Above–Mr. Barton)

He said this because this was his belief.

Mr. Barton was wrong. Our Federal Government has the right to protect citizens from corporate wrongs. Our government has the right to protect and promote the general welfare.

Mr. Barton would have our fellow Americans at the whims of corporations that put money before people.

This said, rather than sticking by his Tea Party/Republican views, Mr. Barton instead apologized.


(Above–A painting of Mr Barton. Look how distinguished he is when not running away from his beliefs. The painting is by Laurel Boeck. )

It seems that Mr. Barton holds no convictions that stand up to public criticism.

Of what use is Mr. Barton to anyone?—Except to the  big money interests he helps when nobody is looking and he can escape the public anger he fears so much.

If Mr. Barton had been at the Alamo, he would have deserted.

Mr. Barton represents the 6th district of Texas. Here is a map of this district. It is a largely rural district.

Here is Mr. Barton’s entry in the informative Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress.

(Below—The 1903 painting “The Fall Of The Alamo” by Robert Jenkins Onderdonk. Mr. Barton would have deserted well before the point you see in the painting.)

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