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I’m Going To See Obama Today, But Best Rally I Ever Attended Was Hope, Heston, Ford & Reagan

Barack Obama will be in Houston today and I’m going to go see him.

He’ll be appearing at the Toyota Center this evening. ( I’m proud to say I twice voted against public funding of the Toyota Center.)  

I’m looking forward to seeing Mr. Obama, but the best political rally I ever attended was a Republican rally in 1980 at the Cincinnati Convention Center. 

In the final week before Election Day, this rally featured Bob Hope, ( Below with Barbara Eden.)

 Charlton Heston,


 Gerald Ford, ( Here with Leonid Brezhnev)


And Ronald Reagan


 I was 13 years old and it was a lot of fun.

Texas Liberal is leading the way in political history blogging in 2008.

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Democracy Catches Harris County Democratic Chair Birnberg By Surprise

In the Texas Primary, to be held March 4, there is a crazy system of awarding the Democratic delegates.

Rather than just basing the delegate count on the popular vote, supporters of the candidates must go to a precinct caucus after the pools have closed to take part in an additional process of delegate selection

Even that next step does not end the process.

And then you have the superdelegates. 

It could not be much more complicated. How are average busy people supposed to figure this stuff out?   

Read this from a February 12 Houston Chronicle editorial on the delegate selection process. 

Harris County Democratic Party Chairman Gerald Birnberg says the complicated selection rules were drafted when no one expected a tight two-person race in Texas that could be decisive in the contest for the party’s presidential nomination. “This is very, very close to the rules for the one we had four years ago, which worked just fine when it didn’t matter,” he said.

Translation of Party Chairman Birnberg’s remarks—“A contested election? In Texas?…In Harris County? No… Could never happen. Four years ago being a delegate was a nice few days in Boston. You could go to the parties and load up on the goody bags. Who imagined being a delegate could matter? Who figured an election could really count? It never occurred to anybody that average people might want to be involved.”     

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