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To The Benefit Of Greens, Democrats Unable To Find Candidates For Full Texas 2012 Ballot—Greens Could Assert A Unanimity Against State-Sponsored Rape That Has So Far Eluded Texas Democrats

The Texas Democratic Party has failed to offer candidates for five statewide offices on the Texas 2012 General Election ballot.

(Above–A voting machine)

In two of these five races without a Democrat there is a Green Party candidate on the ballot.

This means that Greens are likely to maintain automatic ballot access for Texas in 2014 just as they have for 2012.

Automatic ballot access is gained when any candidate of a party wins 5% of the vote on Election Day. Greens reached this target in 2010 when Democrats failed to fill out a full slate in that year as well.

I look forward to voting for these Greens on Election Day 2012 so that the Green Party will have ballot access in 2014.

The Libertarian Party has candidates for every statewide spot in 2012.

I’ve heard people complain about Greens taking votes from Democrats in Texas.

Yet the responsibility for finding candidates is with the Democrats.

Texas Democrats had plenty of time to work this out. They were unable to do so.

My hope is that Greens will reach the point where they can win 5% and far more in races where a Democrat is on the ballot.

They still have some work to do to reach that goal. Greens have to show that they are worth voting for when there is a Democrat on the ballot.

One way that might be done is to point out differences between Greens and Democrats.

For example, three Texas Senate Democrats— Eddie Lucio Jr., Carlos Uresti and Judith Zaffirini-–provided critical votes to help pass the forced sonogram bill and the state-mandated rape of unwanted vaginal probes that are inherent to that onerous law.

Maybe Green candidates in Texas could establish a unanimity against state-sponsored rape that so far has eluded Texas Democrats.

Here is the Green Party of Texas.

Top Texas blogger Perry Dorrell has written on the ballot access concern at Brains & Eggs.  

Ballot Access News has a report on Texas filings. 

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Texas Democratic Party, In This Instance, Fighting Like Ezzard Charles To Make Certain All In Harris County Are Able To Vote

The Texas Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit against the no-good Leo Vasquez due to the fact that he is trying to make it difficult for the people of Harris County, Texas to be able to vote.

While it would have been great if the Texas Democratic Party, the Harris County Democratic Party, and elected officials in safe low-turnout districts in Harris County, had long been about the essential business of registering poor turnout voters, in this case I commend the TDP for fighting like the great Ezzard Charles to make sure that all in our county are able to vote in 2010. (Please see my post I’ll Follow, But Only At A Distance.)

I wanted to use a boxer in this post to indicate the hard-fighting nature of the TDP in this instance. Mr. Charles was a heavyweight champion of the world from my my former hometown of Cincinnati.  He is seen here beating Jersey Joe Walcott in 1951. I bear no ill towards Mr. Walcott and am not comparing him at all to Leo Vasquez.

Here is the text of the TDP press release

Today, the Texas Democratic Party filed suit in federal court against Leo Vasquez, in his capacity as Voter Registrar in the Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector’s office. TDP Chairman Boyd Richie issued the following statement:

“In 2008, the Texas Democratic Party was forced to take legal action in Federal Court to protect Harris County voters from the inappropriate, partisan actions of former Voter Registrar Paul Bettencourt, whose office rejected tens of thousands of legitimate voter registration applications.

“When Leo Vasquez took office following Bettencourt’s sudden resignation after the 2008 election, he defended his predecessor’s actions. However, when the Texas Democratic Party presented the Court evidence of the serious misdeeds in the Harris County voter registration office, Vasquez ultimately agreed to a settlement, providing hope that those inappropriate practices had come to an end.

“Unfortunately, we believe Leo Vasquez violated the terms of our agreement last week, based on statements and information he distributed at a press conference that resembled a political pep rally. At that event, Vasquez made reckless accusations against a non-partisan organization based on a “review” of voter registration applications conducted by a group called “True the Vote.” In order to conduct such a review, Vasquez apparently provided the group access to the same applications he refused to provide the Texas Democratic Party last year, when he argued in Federal Court that such documents contained confidential information such as date of birth.

“All Harris County residents should be deeply disturbed by how easily this office disregards election law and federal court orders and by how casually they distribute voters’ confidential information. Just last year, well-documented reports revealed that deputy voter registrar Ed Johnson was selling driver’s license information to Republican candidates as part of an illicit side-business with Republican state representative Dwayne Bohac.

“Given Mr. Vasquez’ actions last week, we have been forced to take legal action to make sure his office does not repeat the same kind of practices that denied almost 70,000 Harris County citizens the right to register and vote in 2008.”

Bay Area Houston blogger John Coby says that Mr. Vasquez should resign.

Please click here to see the great work Houston Votes is doing in Harris County to help people be able to take part in our democracy.

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Information For Texas Voters Impacted By Hurricane Ike

Below is a memo from the Texas Democratic Party with information for voters who evacuated for Hurricane Ike (radar image above) and are still not back home, or who are concerned that the place they normally vote has been washed away. 

( Here is the link to the Houston United Way’s Hurricane Ike relief fund.)

Don’t let anybody take away your right to vote because you have had to deal with a hurricane.

Don’t let anybody take away your vote for any reason.

Here is the complete memo—

Many voters have been affected by Hurricane Ike.  Some may not be able to return to their homes before Election Day and others may find that their local polling location has been damaged and they will need to vote elsewhere. There are options available to these voters which vary depending on the circumstance.  Whether you are in an affected county or your county is sheltering Hurricane Ike evacuees, please be aware of the voting options available to you and help facilitate that information to others.

Option 1:  VOTE EARLY IN PERSON – If the voter is in or near the county of their residence during Early Voting, they should try to vote then.  All Early Voting locations are county-wide, so it won’t matter if they are in the right precinct.  Early Voting locations can be obtained from the County Early Voting Clerk, listed here.

Option 2:  VOTE BY MAIL – If the voter is not going to be in their county of residence for the entire early voting period or on Election Day, absence from the county qualifies the voter to cast a ballot by mail.  Voters who choose to exercise this option should make sure that they have somewhere to have their mail ballot sent that is outside their county of residence where either the voter will be for the remainder of the election or where there is someone who can forward it to them. Furthermore, we have recently confirmed with the Texas Secretary of State’s office that a mail ballot can be forwarded to a specific address as long as there is an official forwarding request filed with the United States Postal Service (voters can file a formal forwarding request with the United States Postal Service by clicking here.   Continue reading

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Will “Latest News” On Texas Democratic Party Home Page Ever Be Updated Past January 3?

Will the so-called “Top Story” on the home page of the Texas Democratic Party ever be updated past January 3?

Will the “GOP Watch” ever be updated past December 19?

Will the “Features” section ever be updated past November 8?

All of these sections are under the broad heading of “Latest News” on the Texas Democratic Party home page on the web.

Yes—Some things are updated. There is an updated calender of events and a fund-raising pitch for Texas House of Represenatives candidates.

But what about the rest of the web page?

Below is a picture of a town crier.

“Hear ye, Hear ye”  

Since more modern technology is not fully working out for the TDP , maybe a town crier could be employed  to keep party faithful up to date.



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