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The Republican presidential candidates competing in the Ohio primary are spending millions of dollars to tell you what you already knew—They are all first class cruds.

If it is not the Republican candidates spending the money, than it is Super Pacs enabled by the terrible Citizen’s United decision that allows even more big money influence in our corrupt political system.

These ads have made for some lousy TV viewing during my week in Ohio.

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I Took A Break From Death To Note All The Hair On The Baltimore Relief Pitcher

There is a lot going on in the world.

The Texas legislature is in session and is contemplating brutal cuts in already underfunded education and health programs. Folks are fighting for the rights of working people in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana. Libya is in a civil war.

These things matter a great deal. However, I’m in Cincinnati dealing with a severe illness in the family. I can’t get to all the things I would like to blog about.

One thing I am able to get to is watching television in the nursing home room I’m spending a number of hours in each day.

This afternoon I watched a replay of game 7 of the 1979 World Series on ESPN Classic. In this World Series, the Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the Baltimore Orioles.

Above is a picture I took off the TV. The Baltimore relief pitcher you see is Don Stanhouse.

Even in the shadow of death in the nursing home, I was amazed by all the hair Mr. Stanhouse had on his head and on his face.

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Please Stop Interviewing Managers In Dugout While They Are Working

I wish  the various television networks broadcasting the baseball playoff games would stop interviewing the managers in the dugout while the game is taking place.

Above you see Texas Ranger manager Ron Washington being interviewed recently while his team was playing in the postseason.

These people are working and these games are not exhibitions.

I think all interviews with managers and coaches while the game is taking place are a bad idea.

Let these people work and leave them alone to think stuff out.

Okay—I’ve covered this subject that has been annoying me for a long time.

That I can vent on these minor matters is a good thing about having a blog.

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We Must Watch Fox News In Harris County Tax Assessor-Collectors Office Because Of Lack Of Maturity To Conduct People’s Business In Proper Fashion—TPA Blogger Round-Up

Here is the weekly posting of the Texas Progressive Alliance round-up. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas. There are more than 7 member blogs in the TPA, but sometimes they don’t always get to taking part in the round-up. People are busy.

With the round-up this week, is a picture I took a few days ago when I was registering my car at the Harris County Tax Assessor-Collectors office. I often try to do things with real people instead of online so that people can have jobs.

For the people who are waiting in line at this office to deal with their cars, there is a television to help folks pass the time.


What was not okay was the fact that right-wing Fox News was on the TV.

The Tax Assessor, who is also in-charge of voter registration in Harris County, is a Republican.

But the business being conducted each day in his office should be non-partisan.

There is no reason to put Fox on that TV but to annoy people who do not like Fox.

It is a minor matter, but it does give you some sense of  the absence of even a pretense of handling the people’s business in an impartial way that we so often see from Harris County Republicans. You also see here just some of the cheapness in the character of these people.

My friend John Coby at Bay Area Houston has written many posts about the failure of this office to do it’s job in a proper way. Here is one of these posts.

The round-up—

There is no way in hell Txsharon could pick just one post from this hellish week in the Barnett Shale, so she did a recap, at Bluedaze: DRILLING REFORM FOR TEXAS.San Antonio hospitals are dumping seriously ill homeless patients at Haven for Hope.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme sees Republicans hating health care for the poor. How selfish and cruel can a group of people be?

Off the Kuff examined some data to get a handle on Rick Perry’s performance with Latino voters in the 2002 election. Continue reading

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How Will I Watch Battery Powered TV After Next Hurricane Caused Power Outage?

When we switch to digital TV, how will I be able to watch my tiny black and white battery powered TV for the five day power outage after the next hurricane?

I won’t be able to watch that TV during hurricane blackouts. That’s the damned answer.

I might as well toss that little TV in the trash right now.  

I’m just glad we are not moving towards digital flashlights and candles. Then I’d have to sit in the dark until power came back on after the next hurricane.

Blogger’s note–There is a comment below that offers a suggestion for this problem.

Update 6/8/09—Here is a Wall Street Journal story about the upcoming June 12 switch . Many are still not ready.

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The One-Two Knockout Blow Of A Hurried Pace Coupled With Indolence

Many would agree that the pace of our lives is often faster than we would wish. We all have a lot do to and it seems that the demands placed upon us only grow. ( Except for people unlucky enough to lose their jobs in the recent months of layoffs. Those are people with a different set of pressures in life.)

Yet at the same time we cannot keep up, there is the fact that the average American watches more than 4 hours of television each day. (Please click here for disturbing statistics and facts about American television viewing.) 

And that is just TV watching. What about the time we spend playing video games and surfing the web? It’s as if we have not enough time and extra time all at once.  

I’m not a reflexive critic of television. If you went back in time and told most people who have ever lived, that instead of getting up at 5 AM to milk cows and hauling water from a stream a mile away, you could instead sit down for hours and watch a box showing games and stories—Well, I bet they would have thought that was some kind of paradise.

Yet it seems the point we’ve reached in our lives is that we get the first blow during the day and early evening when we face the demands of work and family, and then we allow the second blow of the ease of mindless relaxation to knock us down for the count until we hit the sack for the night.   

Maybe it could be said that each night television knocks us out of the ring of thought and action. (Below is the painting Dempsey And Firpo painted in 1924 by George Wesley Bellows.)

There is hope however. Though it is Jack Dempsey shown below being punched out the ring, he still won the fight over Luis Firpo. Let’s pick ourselves off the couch and think about what we do with the hours of our lives.   

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Obama New Yorker Cover—Didn’t Archie Bunker Get The Last Laugh?

This illustration provided by The New Yorker magazine, the cover ... 

The smart folks at The New Yorker don’t feel people will take seriously the cover art on the magazine this week. They say people will know it is satire. 

Well–That may be true with a bunch of annoying know-it-alls. But what they’ve done is hand the McCain folks a new campaign poster. The McCain team will say all the right things about how it’s offensive and all that. Still, you can bet somebody is already figuring out how make the best use of this against Senator Obama.

I have a few seasons of All In The Family on DVD.  All In The Family was intended as satire as well. Archie Bunker was supposed to be part of a dying breed and Meathead was going to be the future. Yet when you watch the show today, you see that what Archie was saying is not so far from what Republicans have been saying for the past 35 years.

Archie Bunker would be plenty at home in the Newt Gingrich/Rush Limbaugh Republican Party of 1990’s and the George W. Bush/Dick Cheney Republican party of this decade. Watched in 2008, the Archie Bunker of 1971 seems more prophet than fool. At least he does in terms of the political arguments that have carried the day over the last three decades.    

If we’re going to see Senator Obama in this way, why not have a cover of the violence-loving Senator McCain in a “mock” war trial for all the civilians he bombed in one unjust war 40 years ago, as he supports yet another unjust war in 2008. 

Or better yet, let’s have Senator McCain on the phone with Osama bin Laden in the cave, figuring out what day Osama could attack America that would help Mr. McCain most at the polls. Maybe they could text message each other with cute little bomb and airplane icons.

The folks at The New Yorker live in some sort of insular fantasy land. They think it’s all a big joke. If I were them, I’d not be so certain about who gets the last laugh.

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Daily Political Coverage Is A La Brea Tar Pit From Which Time Spent Never Escapes

Update 2/23/09–Please click here for an update of the recent big discovery of fossils at the La Brea Tar Pit.

I was flipping channels tonight and came across CNN.

The listing at the bottom of my screen said CNN would be broadcasting Mississippi primary coverage for two hours.

I wondered what they could possibly say about the Mississippi primary for two hours.

Barack Obama was near-certain to win, it was the only primary today and Mississippi is a small state. 

Of course, I knew they had nothing of any note to say.

I watched for 15 minutes. Those are 15 minutes I won’t get back.

Flash–Obama wins as expected and Governor Spitzer likes hookers.

Coverage of any House or Senate races? Maybe a Governor’s race? Coverage of relevant issues?


I can’t imagine it is six weeks to the Pennsylvania primary.

What will the cable news networks talk about for six weeks?  

Daily political coverage is like the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. 

Here are facts about the La Brea Tar Pits. 

Sometimes the ice-age beasts would just fall in and sink away.

That was me just flipping channels tonight.

Other times a vicious predator would see a creature that had fallen in and pounce in expectation of a meal.

That’s when you think you’ll find something interesting, but its the same old long-winded junk. 

I’m not a reflexive media-basher.

But this coverage, especially on the cable news networks, is endless and a waste of your time.

Even for the newspapers, which for the most part do try to do a good job and do try to be fair, something new in the Obama–Clinton–McCain triangle does not happen every day.  

If you don’t already, read the international pages of the paper!

At bottom is a picture of the political coverage bubbling up from below and trying to lure you in.

Resist it with a book or by talking to people you care about.

Don’t fall in—at least not every day.

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Care Bears Cartoon Had Commerical Every Six Or Seven Minutes


This morning I watched the Care Bears cartoon on CBS. I watched it while in a very nice room at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel in Austin, Texas. 

There was a commercial every six or seven minutes during the Care Bears. Don’t we have any standards for the amount of advertising in kids programming?

I bet we don’t.

This morning, Funshine Bear was cleaning up pollution in a place called Rainshine Hollow. I think that’s what the place was called.

While Funshine worked at picking up trash and cleaning streams, the other Care Bears just kept playing their games. Only when they saw how discouraged Funshine had become from the enormity of his task did the other Care Bears assist him. 

I’m glad they came to his aid. Though I’m not certain how bears so practiced in helping others would have allowed Funshine to go without help at any point. I found that to be a hole in the story.   

The given reason for the pollution in Rainshine Hollow was a “storm.” Maybe a kind of Care Bear Katrina had occurred.

I did note that the Care Bears talked in complete sentences and did not talk down to the audience. Adults could learn something from the Care Bears in that respect. I always speak to children in an adult tone to convey that I don’t think they are dolts. 

The Care Bears logo is owned by the American Greetings Corporation. The folks at American Greetings should realize that any good messages the Care Bears have are drowned out when you have an advertisement every seven minutes.  

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