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Ten Observations On Mitt Romney’s Comments On 47% Not Paying Federal Taxes—These Are Many Of His Own Voters He Is Talking About

Mitt Romney believes that nearly half of Americans are moochers on the public dime.

(Above–Mitt Romney. Photo by Gage Skidmore.)

Here is what Mr. Romney said

” There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what…These are people who pay no income tax…[M]y job is is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Here are my observations on Mr. Romney’s comments—

1. If 47% of the electorate was in the tank for President Obama before the election season began, he’d be ahead by a lot more right now since there clearly are also many tax paying people who support the President.

2. People who don’t pay federal taxes are still paying sales taxes and may well be paying property taxes.

3. Since nearly every Black voter in America is voting for President Obama, I guess taking all Black folks as freeloaders fits in with the Republican worldview.

4. As conservative commentator William Kristol points out, many of those who don’t pay federal taxes are people who will most likely vote for Mr. Romney.

5. It is states that are likely to support Mr. Romney where people get the most government money on a per-citizen basis.

6. Many don’t pay federal taxes because of Republican policies over the years.

7. Since he won’t release his tax returns, how can we know that Mr. Romney is paying any taxes?

8. Many hard-working people don’t pay federal taxes because many jobs in this country don’t pay very much money.

9. Many highly profitable corporations–and we all know that corporations are peopledon’t pay any income taxes.

10. I don’t know a single person of working age who does not work or, if not working, who is not actively looking for work. Not one such person in my life comes to mind. And few people I know well are voting for Mr. Romney

Going back to point #4, here is what some of what Mr. Kristol wrote about Mr. Romney’s assertions—

“It’s worth recalling that a good chunk of the 47 percent who don’t pay income taxes are Romney supporters—especially of course seniors (who might well “believe they are entitled to heath care,” a position Romney agrees with), as well as many lower-income Americans (including men and women serving in the military) who think conservative policies are better for the country even if they’re not getting a tax cut under the Romney plan. So Romney seems to have contempt not just for the Democrats who oppose him, but for tens of millions who intend to vote for him.” 

Mr. Romney’s views are in many ways an indictment of Republican policies over the years and of millions of people who are likely to vote for him this fall.

His comments are meant to delegitimize Obama voters as lazy people who do not work when just a moment’s thought on the subject would suggest this not to be the case.

Mr. Romney has made it clear who he is and what he thinks of millions of decent Americans.

We are each free to interpret this information as we wish as Election Day approaches.

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Please Just Pay The Taxes You Owe

Below is a great letter to the editor that ran in the Houston Chronicle.  There’s nothing I can add that can improve this letter. All I’ll say is that you can’t have a decent society without people paying the taxes they owe. 

The letter—

 Do the tax protest math

Every year many people blindly hire property-appraisal protest firms to save on their property taxes by lowering their appraisals. But, most don’t truly understand the math involved when doing this. So here is a simple example:

If you saved $500 in tax-deductible property taxes by lowering your appraisal, you really only saved about $350 after taxes. But, you then had to pay the protest firm the standard $250 nondeductible fee that they typically charge.

So, bottom line, you saved $100, but you took $500 away from our public schools and other government services that we enjoy.

For me, I would rather see the schools get the $500 if it only saves me $100. Just do the math.

Joseph M. Pace, Houston

Mr. Pace is a wise and excellent citizen.

Here is the link to the Houston Chronicle. Please consider buying a newspaper each day. Both you and your community will be better off with a strong daily newspaper.   

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After Hurricane Ike Blog Post From Main Branch Of Houston Public Library

Greetings from the Downtown Main branch of the Houston Public Library. The people’s tax dollars are working well as I have a computer from which to make a blog post. I have 51 minutes left in this session before my time is up. Other citizens must be allowed to use the computer.

We can share even in times of trouble!

This is my first after Hurricane Ike blog post.

People sure do want government help when they need ice, or are asking if staying at a hotel during an evacuation will be covered by FEMA. 

Or when they need a computer at the Downtown Public Library. 

Our power has been out since Friday night. That was the night of the storm. I am writing this on a Tuesday afternoon. 

I know the absence of power is a great hardship for some. It’s been okay enough for us. We have a small battery operated TV. Late last night we watched this sit-com called Still Standing. The well-meaning but goofy dad told a boy that his teenage daughter had a crush on him. Needless to say, the dad spent the rest of the hour making it up to the girl.

The show would not be so funny in most contexts. But after three days of hurricane coverage it was funny enough. Anything that did not involve somebody suffering was good. 

The wife and I had plenty of food and water ready to go as Ike approached. Yesterday I had a marshmallow and peanut butter sandwich and a banana and peanut butter sandwich for dinner.

( The guy next to me just rubbed his eyes after touching these dirty keyboards. I bet he gets pink eye.)

My wife has been working since the day after the storm. I have not worked since the storm. I miss my wife when she is gone.

When she gets home at night I hand her a nice warm bottle of water and a granola bar. We turn on the camping lantern that is strong enough to light an entire room. Then we fiddle with the tiny TV to see what channels we can pick up. Just because we picked up a station the night before, does not mean we can pick up the same channel the next night.

(As a prank I try to convince the wife that the curfew is lifted and that she can go out after nine. I’ve yet to fool her.)

We’ve had water all the time. We have many bottles of water. The city water from the tap has been working as well. Not for consumption since the city has been telling people to boil water, but for toilet flushing. We had water saved up in buckets for that purpose. Yet it has been a relief not to have to worry about that issue. As long as you can flush your toilet everything else is okay.

I sure have not missed hearing about the presidential campaign. I’m making a point not to check on it in my hour session here at the library. I’ve been reading the paper, though averting my eyes at any campaign report. What a dumb campaign it is. I hope that when I am fully back in the world Senator Obama will have a 15 point lead. I hear also there has been some type of financial collapse on Wall Street.

Problems everywhere.

My parents in Cincinnati lost power from Ike as well. They are back up and running though.

The big issue from Ike is how people are doing in Galveston, Bolivar, and the Beaumont area. I’ve got my check book in my back pocket and I’m going to stop at the United Way office on my way home and offer a donation. I heard they were taking donations. So is the Red Cross and other agencies.

I’m also concerned for folks in Houston and elsewhere who are losing wages from not being able to work.

I’m down to my last 19 minutes and I want to check my e-mail. I hope people are doing as well as they are able to do. Good luck to all. I’ll likely come back to the library tomorrow and offer another post. Thanks for reading Texas Liberal.

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When Democrats Back Regressive Sales Tax Increases, What Hope Do We Have For Fair Progressive Taxation?

Cities, counties and states are proposing regressive sales tax increases at the ballot box next week to fund various initiatives, close budget shortfalls and reduce property taxes.    

This according to a report in USA Today.

You’d think these proposals would come from Republicans. Sales taxes are regressive flat taxes where the poor, the wealthy and everybody in-between pays the same. This is in contrast to a progressive income tax.

Yet such proposals are on the ballot in Democratic-leaning Maryland, New Jersey and Cook County, Illinois. Chicago is in Cook County.

If this is proposed tax policy in places where Democrats are in control, what hope do we have for fair taxation?

The progressive income tax is at the heart of the income redistribution and funding of social programs that stand at the core of liberalism. If Democrats are not on board with this, who will be?

Raising sales taxes to fund property tax cuts is simply redistributing income upwards.

Please click here for an article relating the benefits of the income tax. 

Hopefully voters around the country will reject sales tax increases and demand a fair and progressive income tax to meet the needs of society.     

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