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Superferry In Hawaii Is Very Large

Above is a picture of the Superferry. It is based in Hawaii.

It is very big. It can hold 866 passengers and 200 cars and trucks.

It is meant to travel between various Hawaiian islands.

Some say it will ruin remaining undeveloped portions of Hawaii, that it is an environmental menace, and that it will hit whales.

Others say it will bring about economic development and jobs.

Odds are all this has a measure of truth. 

Here is a recent USA Today story on the Superferry. 

I suppose I should be instinctively against the Superferry, but I don’t have strong feelings on the matter.

I spent a week in Hawaii and the conflict between the jobs created by tourism, and the desire to keep the islands somewhat pristine is a very hard issue to resolve.

I have no solution to the matter. 

I do know I’ve wanted to a run a picture of the Superferry in the blog for some time now.

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