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Stay The Course—Concern Yourself With The Substance Of The Message And With Your Own Hard Work

Above is a picture of myself from Occupy Houston on October 29.

I found the sign I am holding at the Occupy site.

I often use the phrase “Stay the Course” in my personal conversations.

I use the phrase because I recall that Ronald Reagan used it to his benefit.

We should set a goal and then we should stay the course to reach that objective.

I like everything written on that sign.

You’ll notice the misspelled word on the sign.

I don’t care.

I know that spotting misspelled words on signs made by Tea Party backers is something of a sport for some folks on my side of the aisle.

I think this is often done to make fun of the person holding the sign instead of critiquing the view that person is espousing.

If those folks holding up the misspelled Tea Party signs were so dumb, how come they outworked us and beat us so badly in the 2010 elections?

Calling other people dumb does not make it better when you have been whomped at the voting booth.

People may be a lot of bad things. They may be ill-informed about the issues of the day. Or they not be very nice at times.

But people are not stupid.

If you say somebody is stupid, you’re saying you are better than them in some basic organic biological way.

I’m not for that kind of talk.

That sign I’m holding is a great sign.

Let’s worry about the roots more so than the branches.

Here is the Occupy Houston website.

Here is the Occupy Galveston website.

Here is the Occupy Wall Street website. 

Poke around the web and Facebook and find an Occupy effort near you.

Or start one yourself.

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The Presidential Campaign Is An Industry That Consumes Your Time For Little Return

The ongoing Presidential campaign is an industry that consumes your time for little or no return, and ebbs your life energy with relentless stupidity. It’s a processed pre-fabricated product.

( Above is picture of facility similar to one where the campaign may well be produced.)

The campaign is about jobs for consultants and staff, finding material for 24 hour news channels, and winning over the 5% of all voters who are both undecided and living in a swing state.

Nothing of relevance is going be discussed in an honest fashion. Mr. Obama, who I support, and Mr. McCain, who I do not support, are going to gear every word to a narrow segment of the electorate.

And the campaign goes on and on and on. It steals your time. It informs you of nothing you did not already grasp.

The outcome does matter. It’s important who wins. But the process is a mess. Unless you are volunteering or donating on behalf of Mr. Obama, you’d do well to stay away from it all as much as possible.

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