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State Of The Union Another Reminder That It Is Up To Each Of Us To Act—You Can’t Just Sit And Watch Stuff

I just watched the State of the Union address.

Here is a brief history of the State of the Union address from the website of the U.S. House of Representatives.

(Above–1963 State of the Union. President Kennedy is addressing Congress. Behind Mr. Kennedy is Vice President Lyndon Johnson on the left and House Speaker John McCormack on the right. The Miller Center at the University of Virgina is a great non-ideological resource to learn about all the Presidents from Washington to Obama.)

Anything I write on the topic will be stale by tomorrow afternoon and I want to go watch Elizabeth Warren on The Daily Show. I suppose I can go as far to say that the speech was effective enough as the President seeks reelection and that the most wealthy should indeed pay a fair share of the taxes.

We should also recall that President Obama has raised a lot of money and that he has obligations to his large contributors. It is wishful thinking that the President is a socialist.

Here is a story on the speech from the New York Times.

Here is a transcript of the speech. 

Here is a take on the speech from the great liberal magazine The Nation. 

As a matter of general principle–Here is Occupy Wall Street.

Learn your history, keep up with the present, get involved in whatever way suits your life, take responsibility for the future of our nation and the world, and please forgive my preaching in this run-on sentence.

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Review Of State Of The Union Address—Waving Yams

This evening I watched President Obama’s State of the Union Address.

I thought it was a good speech. I was entertained up until the point where I got bored.

Here is a transcript of the speech. You have a brain. Read the speech and give some thought to what you think.

I was glad the President mentioned health care reform as an ongoing issue. We must press on with this fight so that people are covered when they are sick. It is terrible to be sick without coverage. How can we allow that in our wealthy nation. How can anyone of any political party wish that on anybody?

I was glad to see that the President had some fight in him. Though frankly what other option did he have at this point but to show some spunk?

I did though very much dislike the spending freeze idea. If you are going to be a far right-wing Republican, why not just be a far right-wing Republican? I’m holding out hope that the President is lying in some way about that idea.

I could spend some time writing an in-depth analysis of the speech, but the post would be stale not long after it was written.

I have other things to do.

I wrote a few hours ago what I had hoped to hear in the speech.

I’m still waiting for an adult discussion of the realities of the global economy with the American people, but at least I agreed with many of the policy initiatives the President offered.

I thought to myself this evening that if I were President of the United States, I would wave a giant sweet potato at the public and at Congress to show that I meant business.

Above is a picture me doing just that—Waving a giant sweet potato.

Look at what I learned from Wikipedia this evening—“In many societies yams are so important that one can speak of a ‘yam civilization’. Growing the tuber is associated with magic; the best ones must be given to the chief or king; there is a series of myths connected to a divine origin; a farmer may gain a lot of prestige by growing the largest or longest yam.”

Here are facts about sweet potatoes and yams.

Imagine the impact it would have if the President, Prime Minister, Chief, or King of a nation that held yams as central to their existence waived a yam at Congress or Parliament.

Maybe the Mr. Obama should have waived a hamburger at Congress and the people.

It would be great if our nation could be united behind ideas that I agree with if so prompted by important and specific foods.

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My Hope For The State Of The Union Address This Evening

File:Ford Rocky and Albert in Congress.jpg

My hope for the State of the Union speech this evening is that President Obama stays the course on health care reform, and that he speaks to the American people in an adult way about the realities of a changing economy and the need for government to play a part in helping Americans with jobs, education and home ownership.

(Above–President Gerald Ford of Michigan giving State of the Union in 1975. Seated to the right is House Speaker Carl Albert of Oklahoma. On the left is Vice President Nelson Rockefeller of New York.)

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