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Up High & At Sea Level In Seattle

Above is a picture I took in the summer of 2010 from the top of the Space Needle in Seattle.

Below is the ship that was docked at the grain terminal in the right center of the top picture.

Different vantage points offer diferent perspectives.

Both photos copyright Neil Aquino.

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The View From The Top Of The Space Needle— Both Interesting And Instructive

Here is the scene from the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington on the evening of July 18.

What is seen in this picture is some of Downtown Seattle, a portion of Puget Sound, and the Port of Seattle.

The port and the ships entering the port are part of the scenery when considered from the broad vantage point of the top of the Space Needle.

Industry and technology are a large part of what defines us as people. Industry is just as much a valid part of the modern landscape as is nature.

The view from the Space Needle is not only interesting. It is instructive as well.

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