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Here Is How A Soccer Penalty Kick Should Be Lined Up—A Penalty Kick Is A Good Solution To Righting A Wrong

I don’t follow soccer, but I attended a Houston Dynamo soccer game a few months back and took this picture of a penalty shot taking place.

I looked at this picture again a few days ago and noticed that it was likely a good picture of how a penalty shot should be lined up.

All the players are in position and the kicker is making the kick at the goaltender.

Here are facts about how to execute—and defend against–penalty kicks from Science of Soccer Online.

It is regretful that minor infractions in life such as bad driving or general everyday rudeness can’t be dealt with something as simple and neat as a penalty kick to make things right.

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Yellow Card If You Might Spread Swine Flu—Red Card If You Are Really Sick

The federal government will be handing out yellow cards to foriegn visitors arriving in U.S. airports to tell them how to avoid the Swine Flu and what symptoms to look for.

Many sports, including soccer, use yellow cards to warn players of misconduct.

Read information about these swine flu cards at Graphic Arts Online. Maybe Graphic Arts Online would like to design a Swine Flu logo.

Red cards, as you see below, are given in many sports if a player is to be ejected from the game.

Maybe people who arrive in America and who seem sick will be given red cards and ejected from the country.

( Please click here for Swine Flu information and for handwashing tips.)

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