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Industrial Skyline For Houston’s Milby Park

Above is a skyline of petrochemical facilities and a Goodyear plant as seen from Milby Park in Houston.

The body of water is Sims Bayou.

While significant issues of air pollution and water pollution exist in Houston, this is not the point I’m making.

I found this an interesting contrast.

Contrast provides much of the substance of life.

There is a lot to be seen and observed in everyday life.

All you have to do is look around and pay some attention.

Everybody has the ability to observe everyday life and to consider what they see.

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Houston Waterfall And Stream

Here is a Houston waterfall and stream that I took a picture of while out and about a few days ago.

It is part of a construction project taking place along Sims Bayou.

It is not so scenic. But when you live in a place like Houston, you’ve got to embrace your surrondings.

I doubt there is a natural waterfall anyplace in Houston. But there is plenty of construction and plenty of infrastructure.

So above is a picture that reflects well enough where I live.

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