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What Are The Best Black Friday Specials & Deals In Houston And Elsewhere?

It is time for the so-called Black Friday.

Many Americans will be out shopping.

What are best deals and specials for Black Friday here in Houston and elsewhere?

Treating working people well would be a very good deal and would be very special on your part.

Taking part in advocacy for the rights and fair treatment of working people would also be a very special and good deal.

There is no point in lecturing people about endless shopping or about what stores people choose to visit.

People are free to shop as much as they wish and at any place that suits them.

What is of greater value is asking the stores we visit to treat people well.

Wal-Mart could treat employees better and still make plenty of profits. 

Though, of course, people are indeed free to boycott business places that engage in what they believe to be offensive practices.

The working person you are dealing with on Black Friday—or on any day that you are out shopping— is no different from you.

A lack of respect for the person behind the counter is the same as an absence of self-respect.

I would suggest that the fates of most working people in this country are connected. If we don’t care about the wages and working conditions of people we deal with each day, we can be certain that this absence of shared concern will be exploited.

This concern also logically extends to people in other countries who make the goods we purchase.

The work of caring for each other and caring for ourselves is up to each of  us.

We have to decide what kind of people we are going to be as individuals , how we are going to treat others, and what kind of society we are going to have.

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Black Friday Shopping Great Deals—Fish Shopping In South Korea

For so-called Black Friday after-Thanksgiving shopping, why not go shopping for fish in South Korea?

Above is the Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul, South Korea.

It looks to me that you will find many good deals, helpful service, and a wide selection at this fish market.

Maybe you have a coupon for sea cucumber that you have forgotten.

Here is an account of visiting this market from a blog called Rip City to Seoul.

Below is another picture of the offerings at the Noryangjin Fish Market.

It is possible that you can get a good after Thanksgiving deal on squid and on octopus.

Here is the link to the Monterey Bay Aquarium sustainable fishing web home.

It is good to have some fish to eat, but with overfishing we could push many of these creatures to extinction.

The pictures in this post were taken by a Gael Chardon.

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Discounting Ourselves Out Of Existence

Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor.com have a sale through the holiday weekend with some merchandise off up to 70% and an additional 20% your total purchase. Also, you get free shipping on any online order over $150.

Just about anything you order from Ann Taylor is going to run you over $150.  

I know everybody likes a sale. But I’d like to know how these places are going to stay in business giving away the store—as it were—with sale after sale.

We’re going to end up discounting ourselves all out of work.

At some point—a point I’d say we’ve already reached in many respects—we’re going to make it very difficult for employees in these stores to get raises and benefits. We also make it impossible for the people who make and manufacture what we buy to be paid a fair wage.   

Wal-Mart is the downmarket example often used. But these things are also true where things cost more.  

Retail was hard enough before the internet. Now people have an expectation of discounts each time they shop.

I don’t see how this can be a successful business model. It’s good when you are getting the discount. It’s not so good when where you like to shop goes under and people are unemployed.  

Here is an analysis of the current troubles at Ann Taylor.

The dress in the picture above was not purchased at Ann Taylor. I think that dress might only sell on a very deep discount.

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Houston Galleria Held Liable For Not Protecting Safety Of Shoppers


The owner of the Houston Galleria shopping mall and a private security firm were found liable yesterday for failing to provide adequate protection in the case of a young women who was sexually assaulted at the Galleria in 2003. The woman was awarded 3 million dollars.

The owner of the Galleria is HG Shopping Center LP and the security firm is IPC International Corporation.  

A Houston jury found HG 25% liable, IPC 45% liable and the assailant 30% liable.

The sexual assault was one of a string of such attacks at the Galleria in 2003.

A security adviser for the mall told the jury that alerting mall tenants and shoppers of the attack would have created panic. I’m sure profits had nothing to do with it at all.

The woman who won the judgment was an employee at the mall. Being at the Galleria was not an option for her if she wanted to be paid and earn a living. 

Not panicking people was the reason to keep quiet used in Jaws by the town fathers after the first few shark attacks. They did not want to scare people away from the beach during the summer season.

At the Galleria, shopping is always in season.

Landlords and the security firms they employ to provide—yes—security have an obligation to help keep people safe.

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