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A Lightship—A Fixed Point In A Fluid World

I’ve been thinking in recent days about the metaphoric value of lightships.

Who isn’t considering this topic?

(Above—An image of the lightship Sandy Hook from an 1896 book called The Ship’s Company and Other Sea People by a  J.D. Jerrold Kelley Lieut.-Commander U.S.N.)

A lightship is a floating lighthouse.  There were at one time a number of these vessels. Now there are far fewer. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one outside of a picture.

What I like about the lightship is that it is a fixed point of light in a fluid world.

The world is always changing. Storms come and go. But there are things that are true even in such a world.

We can roll with circumstances and events, while at the same time holding to what we believe.

And since a lightship is a ship, we can adjust course if need be.

The metaphoric world and the “solid” give each other substance. Neither is complete without the other.

Here are some facts about the Sandy Hook and about lightship use in the United States.

Serving on one of these ships does not seem to have been very pleasant.  It appears better to contemplate them from a remove.

(Below—The Sandy Hook during the day.) 

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