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Shamu Is Reasonable In Desire To Attack & Kill Trainer

“Blogger’s Note—This is a post I made in 2006. It is true today just as it was four years ago. A Shamu at a Sea World in Orlando, Florida has in recent days attacked and killed a trainer. While I’m sorry someone is dead, why are these creatures held as prisoners in a tank? There is just no way people see these killer whales and start to care about animal life and the oceans. People often can’t even muster up any care for each other.”

A killer whale attacked her handler yesterday at Sea World in San Diego. I’m glad the trainer is not seriously hurt—But how long will we allow these huge creatures to be kept in tanks?

Killer whales, which are really dolphins, live in big social groups. They swim around with others of their kind and are pretty much able to kill anything they want to eat. It’s lousy to put such a thing in a tank.

Sea World promotes Shamu to make money. Shamu is a generic name for many killer whales held at the different Sea World parks. There is always a “Shamu.” If one Shamu dies they have another Shamu ready to go. I’m sure they must die. Sea World does not talk about that. They just have an eternal Shamu always ready to put on a show.

I don’t know what killer whales think about. It could be that the attacking orca was just having a bad day. However, if these Shamu’s ever do think about freedom, you can’t blame them for attacking the instruments of their captivity.

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If you’ve got the money to visit Sea World, then you’ve got the money to go to the ocean or buy some books about sea life and learn about ocean creatures for real. You won’t learn anything by watching creatures held in fish jail for the amusement of human beings.

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A Killer Whale, The So-Called Taku, Dies At San Antonio Sea World


An orca, or killer whale, has died unexpectedly today at Sea World in San Antonio, Texas. This whale was called Taku.

Taku is an interesting name for this whale. Gyotaku is a Japanese art form where an impression in paper made over a dead fish in order to preserve an image of the fish. In this way, fishermen could prove how big a catch they had made to others. It is also practiced by some as an art form.

The photo above is gyotaku art. Gyo means “fish” and taku means “rubbing or “impression.”  

Of course, gyotaku is not what Sea World is doing with the deceased so-called Taku. Everybody already knows that Sea World puts huge killer whales in little tanks. Nothing to prove on that account. 

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