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Part Of The Infrastructure


There may be times you feel like no more than a cog in a machine. 

Here is a picture in which I did seem to be part of the infrastructure.  

I took this picture last week on the new Bill Coats bike-hike bridge over Brays Bayou in Houston’s Hermann Park.

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I’m Big Enough To Admit I’m Afraid Of My Own Shadow—Why Don’t Right-Wingers Admit That Fear Is What Moves Them?

I’m big enough to admit that I am afraid of my own shadow.

I never know what it is going to do next. Look at that picture—I feel my shadow is staring right back at me.

I wish some of these paranoid Obama-haters and government-haters would admit that at core they are afraid of a changing America.

They are afraid of the very nation they live in and that they are citizens of. 

I’m tired of progress in this country being held back by people who are afraid, but who hide that fear with ceaseless anger and by being reflexively obstructionist.

Let go folks. Let’s move ahead so we can have more decent lives.

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Style And Substance As One

Above is a video of me using a specific verbal style in an effort to convey deeper meaning.

The video is 39 seconds long. Please give it a play.

Relevant to this post is a post I made in April of 2008 about Sojourner Truth.

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