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Good, Or At Least Neutral, Intentions Sometimes Make No Difference

I was unable to convince these seagulls that I meant no harm while walking on the beach in Galveston three days ago.

It is not that I talked to them or sought to reason with them.

Though I would try if I thought it would help.

They just flew away from me because I was within 10 feet of where they were walking around on the beach.

Signals get crossed or people are not willing to listen—- And good, or at least neutral, intentions make no difference.

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People Feeding Seagulls At Restaurant Should Be Fed To Giant Pre-Historic Terror Bird

File:Brontornis burmeisteri.JPG

Two days ago I was in Galveston, Texas. I had lunch at a restaurant on the Seawall. The restaurant had two floors and I was eating out on the upstairs balcony.

There was a couple with a small child also out on the balcony. The couple was feeding french fries to seagulls. The seagulls were flying around and the couple was offering them up french fries that the birds would catch in the air.

I did not want any nasty seagulls flying around me while I was trying to eat my lunch in peace.

I feel that the people feeding the seagulls—and the lousy kid as far as I’m concerned since he may well become a doofus like his parents—should have been fed to the Brontornis that you see pictured above.

What is wrong with people? Why would anyone attract flying sea-rats like seagulls to a place where people are trying to eat?  

Here are things you can do if you visit Galveston.

Here are facts about seagulls.

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