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Robots That Make Robocalls Should Be Turned Off And Unplugged

My parents in Cincinnati got nasty robocalls from the John McCain campaign. The calls said Barack Obama hangs out with terrorists.

My father tells me he called the Republican National Committee and told them he had gotten a call from the McCain campaign saying that Senator Obama wanted to blow him up. Dad said he had the young man who answered the phone fooled for a few minutes. He said the young man assured him Barack Obama was not trying to kill anybody.

Who is making these misleading robocalls on behalf of John McCain?

Clearly it is robots that make robocalls.

I feel the robots that make the robocalls should be turned off or unplugged.

What kind of robot makes a robocall?

Maybe it is a giant robot that feels it can get away with anything because it is huge.

Maybe it is a once decent human who has been turned evil by robots.

Maybe it a robot with frustrated artistic ambitions that is bitter from failure and now does nothing but make crank calls.

Maybe the calls are being made from from outer space robots. Has President Bush covertly ordered that our space probes be reprogrammed to make robocalls? 


These robots should be turned off by the McCain campaign.

Better yet, the electorate should turn off the McCain campaign on Election Day.

Here is a brief history of robotics.

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