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Republican Texas State Rep. Says Birth Control Is Target Of State Budget Cuts—They Are Telling You What They Are

Republican Texas State Representative Wayne Christian says that cuts to family planning agencies by the Texas legislature are about birth control as well as about abortion.

(Above–Wayne Christian on the left with Texas Governor Rick Perry. These men are concerned that Texas women have access to birth control.)

Here is what Representative Christian said

“The goal is to get government money out of the abortion process and if contraceptive services have to suffer a bit of collateral damage in the process, so be it. When The Texas Tribune asked state Rep. Wayne Christian (R-Nacogdoches), a supporter of the family planning cuts, if this was a war on birth control, he said “yes.” …“Well of course this is a war on birth control and abortions and everything, that’s what family planning is supposed to be about,” Christian said.”

Representative Christian is elected by folks in Shelby, Nacogdoches, San Augustine, Sabine and Jasper counties.

I bet folks in these fine Texas counties use birth control.

I wonder in how many town hall meetings or voter forums that Rep. Christian has told his constituents that they should not use birth control?

So much for government staying out of your life.

The good thing here is that at least Rep. Christian is telling you up front what he supports.

This is just as we are seeing with Republicans in 2011. They are telling us that Texas-sized use of the death penalty and letting the uninsured die is a cause to cheer.

Rick Perry and the Texas  legislature are quite content to allow women to go without decent health care so long as they can keep up the attacks on Planned Parenthood and on birth control. 

We are going to have an election in 2012 and we are going to have clear choices to make.

I’m looking forward to the election and to knowing where we all stand on the issues before the nation.

When somebody tells you who and what they are–You should believe them.

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Fire At George Bush Park In Harris County—Take Steps To Avoid Being The Cause Of Any Fires

There is a wildfire at George H.W. Bush Park in Harris County.

Here is a non-ideological assessment of the presidency of G.H.W. Bush.  Though this is not the main subject of this blog post, it is always the right time to learn about and to think about new things.

Here is a report on the fire from Houston TV station KTRK. 

(Update—9/14/11—Progress was made overnight in figthing the fire.)

The picture above is of smoke from the fire as it was seen a few hours ago. This picture was taken by my friend Ms. Alex Ragsdale.

As you can see, the fire is an urbanized area.

This fire is not surprising as there is an extreme drought in Harris County and in Texas.  There have been many wildfires in Texas in 2011 and in recent weeks.

These fires have been made more difficult to fight than need be, because Rick Perry and the Republican-dominated state legislature have cut funds for the Texas Forest Service and for firefighters in Texas.

Given the extreme drought conditions in the Houston and in Texas, it is best that we take steps to avoid being the cause of any more fires.

While some people may wish to do what is best, often we make mistakes.

Here are some tips from the Houston Fire Department about how you avoid being the cause of any more fires.

HFD recommends the following safety tips during this drought: Continue reading

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Cheering Death—Tea Party/Republican Party Candidates Tell You Who And What They Are

Let us appreciate some folks in the crowd at the Republican debate last night cheering the idea of an uninsured person dying just as we welcome Rick Perry’s lack of concern — and the crowd’s roaring approval—that any of the 234 people he has executed may have been innocent.

Let the American people have clear choices in 2012 and we can decide as a nation what we want.

If you think that Social Security is unconstitutional as does Rick Perry, then you can support Mr. Perry for President and let the stock market and that steady 40 hour job you’ll always be able to count on provide for your retirement.

At least these Tea Party/Republican Party candidates don’t pretend they care and then do nothing.  They tell you who and what they are.

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Rick Perry Skips Scheduled Wildfire News Conference—Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up

Here is the most recent Texas Progressive Alliance round-up. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas. TPA members are citizen-bloggers who are working everyday for a better Texas.

With the round-up this week is news that Texas Governor Rick Perry did not show up at a scheduled news conference to address the Texas wildfires. This despite the fact that Mr. Perry had been able in recent days to go to California to campaign for President.

It could be that Governor Perry did not want to reply to questions about how some Texas firefighters have to pay for proper equipment, and how short-sighted budget cuts have impeded the ability to fight  wildfires in Texas.

As Rick Perry runs for President, it is up to each individual to decide how they will respond.

Every Texan and every American has the ability to attend a public meeting, attend or organize a protest, write or call an elected official, talk to friends and family, start a blog, donate money, write a letter to the editor, volunteer for candidates and causes, engage in acts of civil disobedience, and to run for public office.

The work of democracy and freedom is up to each of us.

Here is the round-up—

Off the Kuff looks at a movement to end pensions for public employees.

Amy Price is one of just a few progressives running for Houston City Council in 2011, and PDiddie at Brains and Eggs is helping her campaign.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson shows that the Texas GOP’s next trick will be to come after pubic employee pensions to protect their wealthy campaign contributors:“Wisconsin-style” pension scheme coming to Texas. Continue reading

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At Least Rick Perry Has The Candor To Revel In Our Death Culture

From last night’s Republican debate

“When co-moderator Brian Williams of NBC noted the 234 executions that took place in Texas on the watch of Gov. Rick Perry, the current frontrunner in the GOP presidential contest, the crowd assembled in the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California, roared its approval. Asked if he ever lost sleep worrying that one of those executed might have been innocent, Perry replied, “No, sir. I’ve never struggled with that at all.”

I’ll say this for Rick Perry—At least he invites us to revel in the contempt for life and hope that often defines this country in so many aspects of public policy and daily conduct.

At least he makes no excuses in a culture where leaders of both parties and much of the public turn their backs everyday on the people who need help the most.

At least he tells you what he is all about.

Rick Perry offers Americans a clear choice. People can decide what they want.

Here are some facts about Rick Perry’s executions. 

Here is the discussion from the debate last night. 

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Texas Wildfires—Rick Perry Puts Small Government Ideology Over The Safety And Well-Being Of Everyday Texans

There are wildfires taking place in Texas. There have been many wildfires in Texas in 2011 due to drought and extreme heat.

Many people have had to leave their homes in this most recent round of fires.

Here is a Texas Forest Service map of the fires.

Governor Rick Perry has taken time off from the Presidential campaign trail to visit Texas and to appear to be doing something about the fires.

Here is a report on fires in the Houston area from the Houston Chronicle.

While many brave Texans are working hard to put out the blazes, in some cases the resources do not exist to fight the fires. In other cases federal resources are being used to fight the fires.

And yet Rick Perry has said so many times that the federal government should leave Texas alone.

Despite the important role of the Texas Forest Service in addressing wildfires, this agency was subject to severe cuts in the most recent session of the Republican led Texas legislature.

Governor Perry puts his extreme small-government ideology over the safety and well-being of the people of Texas.

Where are the Tea Party firefighting teams to help put out the fires?

If the choice for President in 2012 is between Rick Perry and Barack Obama, folks are going to have a clear choice to make. I’m confident that people will reject Rick Perry as an extremist.

You may or may not agree with the liberal beliefs I advance on this blog.

In any case, you can use this blog post and additional information you look up on your own about these Texas wildfires, to help shape your views about Rick Perry as he runs for President.

The work of freedom and democracy is up to each of us. Every person has the capacity to understand the most complex issues.

I encourage people to look at the full Rick Perry record and to make the call as 2012 approaches.

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Rick Perry’s Fed Up!—Not Really The Most Fun You Can Have In A Field In Indiana

I was driving with a friend yesterday in Indiana.

We came across the field you see in the first picture below.

This field contained both a farm silo and a football goalpost and upright.

My friend and I figured that this just had to be the most wholesome middle-America location in all the nation.

Farm and football in one spot in Indiana.

I just happened to have in my rental car a copy of Rick Perry’s book Fed Up!

I wondered if reading Fed Up! as an everyday middle American in such a wholesome spot in Indiana would cause the book to make some sense.

So far I’ve just read the book as a liberal snob in the big city of Houston.

In the bottom picture you see me reading Fed Up! in front of the silo.

I’ve got to tell you that this book reads just as stupid and mean-spirited in rural America as it does in the big city.

Though, of course, Indiana voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

People all over the nation have the decency and common sense to know that we should care for one another, and to know that government has a role to play in our lives.

If Rick Perry is nominated by the Republican Party in 2012, his extreme views will be rejected in all parts of our great republic


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Republican Judge Rules Against Rick Perry’s Forced Sonogram Law

A federal judge has ruled against much of the Texas Forced Sonogram law that was signed into law in 2011 by Texas Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry.

This law forces an unwanted sonogram on women seeking a legal abortion in Texas. It forces doctors to discuss the results of the sonogram with these women.

If the State of Texas and Rick Perry can force one type of unwanted medical procedure on free citizens, what stops the state from forcing any type of unwanted medical procedure on free citizens?

How can it be that the individual mandate to purchase health insurance that is part of President Obama’s Health Care Reform is an intrusion into people’s freedom as Republicans often assert, but Rick Perry can tell women and doctors what to do in the most private and personal of  concerns?

Here is the Houston Chronicle story on the Forced Sonogram ruling.

It should also be noted that thew judge in this case, Sam Sparks, was appointed by Republican President George H.W. Bush.

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Houston, Texas Has Heat Wave, Drought, Ozone Alert & West Nile Disease—This Is The Rick Perry Texas Miracle

Above is a picture of the front page of today’s Houston Chronicle.

I took the picture outside on the hot and parched Texas grass.

It sure is hot.

The newspaper above reports that Texas farmers and ranchers have suffered major losses due to the current drought in Texas, while at the same time Texas Governor and Presidential candidate Rick Perry denies the existence of global warming.

While nobody can be sure that one cause of the terrible weather in Texas for the past few months has been global warming, it is quite possible that this is indeed the case.  However, of course, Rick Perry won’t even consider the very idea that this is possible.

No letup in the Texas drought is predicted in the months to come.

Three other stories in the Houston Chronicle today detail record heat in Houston, mosquitio spraying by Harris County out of concern that tropical West Nile disease may occur in the area, and the fact trees are dying in Houston due to the drought.

Here are facts about West Nile Disease. 

Also, an ozone alert has been declared for today in the Houston area. 

In Texas, the air quality is often so bad that it offends deeply conservative Oklahoma. 

Meanwhile, out on the Presidential campaign trial, the Republican field is bashing the EPA. 

In the end, people are just going to have to decide what kind of future they want. If you want Rick Perry and how he governs Texas for your future, then that is your call to make.

And–since I have you here–please also note that the Texas Miracle Rick Perry has been touting as his economic record, involves one in four Texas children living in poverty and the highest rate of uninsured children in the nation.

Rick Perry has called for prayer to end the drought. His prayers and the prayers of his supporters have not been heard in this regard. Under Governor Perry’s reasoning for why we are being afflicted with terrible weather, maybe the State of Texas is being judged for harsh treatment of the poor and neglect of those in need.

(Below—It is very hot in Houston, Texas. Both photos in this post copyright Neil Aquino 2011.)

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Rick Perry On Gay Marriage—Perry Not Man Enough To Stick To His Guns On His Core Issue Of States’ Rights

Here is what Texas Governor and Presidential candidate Rick Perry said a few weeks back about New York State deciding to permit gay marriage—

“That’s New York, and that’s their business, and that’s fine with me,” 

However, after being pressed on the issue by his far-right evangelical allies, here is what Governor Perry said on the same topic a few days later

“I probably needed to add a few words after that ‘it’s fine with me,’ and that it’s fine with me that a state is using their sovereign rights to decide an issue. Obviously gay marriage is not fine with me. My stance hasn’t changed…”

Here is how Governor Perry addressed gay marriage on p. 13 of his book Fed Up!-

” If you don’t support the death penalty and citizens packing a pistol, don’t come to Texas. If you don’t like medicinal marijuana and gay marriage, don’t move to California.”  

Yet at the same time, Governor Perry is on the record  supporting a Constitutional  amendment “.. that defines marriage between one man and one woman…”

What happened to Governor Perry’s view that the states should decide about gay marriage?

Rick Perry can’t stick to his guns on his alleged core issue of states’ rights even in the very first days of his presidential campaign. He buckles under pressure from the extremist far-right.

Given the number of views and flip-flops we’ve seen on just this one question, how many other times in the months ahead will we witness Governor Perry changing his mind and ditching his beliefs when it serves his political ambitions?

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Rick Perry Set To Run For President—Decide For Yourself If Perry Should Lead Our Nation

Texas Governor Rick Perry is set to run for President.

This blog has made a number of posts about Governor Perry. At the bottom of this post, I’ve assembled some of the best posts in one place for your review.

Rick Perry is a far-right extremist.

You won’t be surprised that the writer of a blog called Texas Liberal feels this way about Governor Perry

However, I feel that Americans of many ideological viewpoints—including those who see themselves as moderate Republicans–will find that Rick Perry is simply too extreme to lead our nation.

I urge all Americans who care about our nation to study Governor Perry and to reach their own conclusions.  The work and responsibility of democracy are tasks that we all must complete for ourselves.

Here are a number of Texas Liberal posts about Governor Perry and his record—

7/18/11—Rick Perry’s Fed Up!—The Last Warning sign To The Danger That Lies Ahead.

6/15/11—Texas Governor Rick Perry Refers To Himself As A Prophet.

6/8/11— Rick Perry Calls For Prayer As He Afflicts The Poor And The Sick.

4/22/11– Rick Perry Correct To Call For Prayer To End Drought.

4/18/11—Rick Perry Asks For Help From Washington For Texas Wildfires–Where Are The Tea Party Disaster Relief Teams?

2/20/11–Texas On The Brink Report.

2/8/11—-Governor Perry And Extremist Texas Republicans Target History And The Arts.

2/3/11—-Texas 48th In Children’s Health

1/21/11—Texas Budget Deficit Reflects Republican Mismanagement And Poor Citizenship.

11/18/10- The Air In Texas Is So Bad That It Offends Oklahoma.

9/28/10—Since He Won’t Debate, What Type of Empty Chair Should Be Set Up For Rick Perry?

9/17/09—Governor Rick Perry–A Friend Of Acorn And America When He Finds It Useful To Be So. 

4/27/09—Despite Seccession Talk, Texas Governor Perry Asks For Federal Help On Swine Flu.

4/16/09—-Texas Governor Rick Perry Talks Treason

(Below–Rick Perry with Acorn in 2005 as he signed a housing bill.)  

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Vacation Reading—Taking Rick Perry To Rhode Island

With a plane to catch soon and  time in Rhode Island ahead, it is time to select what book I’ll be reading while on the road.

I’d headed to Rhode Island for a final observance of my father’s life.  He spent much of his life in Rhode Island.

Tony Aquino lived 1930-2011.

I often get a great deal of reading done on airplanes and on vacation.

I’m considering this trip a vaction because I’m certain that this is how dad would have wanted me to imagine the trip.

For this vacation, I’ve picked books relevant to Rhode Island, Cincinnati and Texas—The three places I have lived in life.

I have The Cultural Life of the American Colonies by Louis B. Wright.  This book was published in 1957.

I don’t much about this book, but it is just the type of stuff that I often read.

Another book I have is The President Makers 1896-1919—The Culture of Politics & Leadership In An Age of Enlightenment by Matthew Josephson. This book is from 1940.

This is the 2nd book I’ve read by Mr. Josephson.  He wrote about the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era. In the President Makers I’m currently on the chapters involved the Presidency of Cincinnati’s William Howard Taft.

The final book I’ll bring along is Fed Up!–Our Fight To Save America From Washington by Texas Governor Rick Perry. This great work was published in 2010.

Fed Up! may provide me with a few quick blog posts while I’m traveling.  Also, since I’ll be wearing a Houston Astros’ baseball hat for much of the trip, maybe I’ll read the book while wearing the cap and make loud comments about seccession and bitching about how George W. Bush was not conservative enough.

It’s going to be a great trip and I’ll be posting from Rhode Island. Thanks to everybody for reading Texas Liberal.

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Rick Perry’s Fed Up!—“The Last Warning Sign To The Danger That Lies Ahead.”

Above is a cup of coffee, a piece of carrot cake and a copy of Fed Up!–Our Fight To Save America From Washington. I took this picture a few hours ago.

As my friend and fellow Texas blogger Steve Wichard wrote when I posted this picture on Facebook—“So you are having something warm, something sweet and something nauseating.”

Steve could not be more wrong.

This is a great book.

You can tell it is a great work from the divine glare you see on this book written by self-anointed prophet Rick Perry.  This book is bathed in light for pointing the way out of our national troubles.

Here is what Newt Gingrich wrote in the introduction to Fed Up!—

” I wish this book never had to be written. It almost came too late. America is recklessly accelerating toward economic disaster. Fed Up! may be the last warning sign to the danger that lies ahead.”

It sure was nice of Mr. Gingrich to write such nice things about somebody to be running for President against in 2012—Assuming the Gingrich campaign makes it as far as 2012.

Just imagine that this solution to our national woes is available for just $21.99 and is explained in only 220 pages. Everything is so simple!

Though would true prophet charge anything at all?

I guess Governor Perry supports even a privatization of salvation.

Here is what it says in Matthew 7:15— “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

While the coffee and the carrot cake are now gone, I’ve only completed the introduction, Governor Perry’s brief preface, and the first 3 pages of Fed Up!

I want to read the book over a few weeks so I can savor every word.

The Governor starts off by the preface saying–” I grew up in Paint Creek, Texas. If you can’t find it on a map I won’t be surprised.”

It seems Mr. Perry was already assessing the geography skills of Texas students after the deep education budget cuts of the recent legislative session.

I’m certain this book will provide me with a number of blog posts over the next few weeks.

If the book does provide me with some blog posts, I might well be the only person who gains anything of use by reading Fed Up!

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Republican Todd Staples Praises Impact Of Federal Money In Texas Job Creation—Nacogdoches & Palo Pinto County Line Up For Help From Washington

Republican Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples is very excited about federal money coming to Texas.

(Above–Todd Staples, on the left, with U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk. Texas looks to the federal government and the Obama administration to help generate international business for the Lone Star State.)  

From the website of the Texas Department of Agriculture-

Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples today announced the Texas Department of Agriculture has awarded $750,000 in federal funds to the city of Nacogdoches for sidewalk and parking improvements. The award, made possible through the Texas Capital Fund, will support Archangel Capital Partners, LLC, dba Timber Springs, in developing an assisted living facility that will create 38 jobs in the city of Nacogdoches.

“The Texas Capital Fund is a smart investment that rejuvenates the economies of Texas communities,” Commissioner Staples said. “This award will help enhance economic development in Nacogdoches…”

The Texas Capital Fund, funded by the federal Community Development Block Grant program, provides more than $10 million in competitive awards each year to boost economic development in small Texas communities….

“The city has been working on the Timber Springs project for several years, and this award is an important step in bringing the project to a reality,” Nacogdoches Mayor Roger Van Horn said…. 

State legislators agree the Texas Capital Fund offers immediate and long-term benefits.

“Congratulations to the city of Nacogdoches for receiving this award,” Sen. Robert Nichols said. “I applaud local leaders for their work to bring new jobs and opportunities to the area.”

Did you catch the extent to which all this hinges on money from the federal government?

Nacogdoches County voted 63% for Rick Perry in 2010. I guess it was not cuts in government for themselves that the people of Nacogdoches County supported, but rather cuts for other people in other places.

Texas State Senator Robert Nichols who praised the federal money in the press release above is a Republican.

Here is what it says about Senator Nichols on his campaign web site-

A fiscal conservative

A true believer in the free enterprise system


Todd Staples is running for Lt. Governor.

Here is what it says on Mr. Staples’ campaign web page —

“Keeping Taxes Low–While serving in the Texas Legislature, Staples stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Governors Bush and Perry passing record setting tax breaks,which has enabled Texas to lead the nation in job growth.”

Yet in the Agriculture Dept. release it says the following—

“Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples today announced the Texas Department of Agriculture has awarded $750,000 in federal funds to the city of Nacogdoches for sidewalk and parking improvements. The award, made possible through the Texas Capital Fund, will support Archangel Capital Partners, LLC, dba Timber Springs, in developing an assisted living facility that will create 38 jobs in the city of Nacogdoches.”

I see. Low taxes create jobs except in cases where spending tax money creates jobs.

Does Mr. Staples appear to have any solid principles when it comes to the alleged core Tea Party/Republican Party issues of taxation and government intervention in the economy?

It seems that he does not. If this use of taxpayer money is okay for the purpose of job creation, why not many other taxpayer financed plans for job creation?

And this is not a one time deal.

Here is another Texas Agriculture Department release from July 8—

“Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples today announced the Texas Department of Agriculture has awarded $609,500 in federal funds to Palo Pinto County for real estate expansion. The award, made possible through the Texas Capital Fund, will support Texas Best Proteins, L.P., dba Kennedy’s Sausage Company, in the purchase of an existing facility and 20 acres of land. The project will create 31 permanent jobs.”

Palo Pinto County voted 64% for Rick Perry in 2010.  Given that election result, I think the folks in Palo Pinto should have the Tea Party raise the funds needed to help Kennedy’s Sausage Company.

Here is the web site for Kennedy’s Sausage Company.  I don’t see anyplace on the web site where Kennedy’s thanks Washington for the money.

Does Mr. Staples support rasing the debt ceiling so that we can pay for some more of these federal government grants for Texas?

What hypocrisy from Republican elected officials in Texas and from Texas communities who elect these Republicans.

(Below–Downtown Nacogdoches. Picture by photolitherland.)  

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Texas Considering Confederate License Plates To Honor Treason And Slavery—TPA Round-Up

At the end of this post is the weekly round-up of the Texas Progressive Alliance. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas. TPA members are citizen-bloggers who are working hard for a better Texas.

Every Texan has the ability has the ability to attend a public meeting, attend or organize a protest, write or call an elected official, talk to friends and family, start a blog, donate money, write a letter to the editor, volunteer for candidates and causes, and even run for public office. The work of freedom is up to each of us.

With the round-up this week is news that the State of Texas is seriously considering a license plate honoring the Confederate army and the brutal and treasonous causes the Confederate army fought for in the Civil War.

Above you see an image of the license plate.

Some will claim that honoring the traitors who fought against American armies so that black men and women might remain slaves is a matter of culture or regional identity.

(Below–Southern culture and regional identity from the years before the Civil War.)

I’m certain that when borderline disloyal politicians like Texas Governor Rick Perry drip the hateful words of secession and nullification that all they have in mind is the protection of a noble heritage.

None of it has anything do to with a black President or increasing numbers of minorities in the U.S. or the desire of big corporations to be free of federal safety and environmental regulation.

Where was all this Tea Party talk when George W. Bush was running up the debt  and raising the debt ceiling 19 times?

The State of Texas can offer these license plates to Texas motorists. Politicians in Texas and elsewhere can talk about secession and nullification of federal laws. I welcome all free speech in our great federal union.

For those of us who think that the outcome of the Civil War should stand, we need to remain aware that the enemy defeated in 1865 never goes away in this country.

The round-up—-

We have our first poll of Texas for next year’s presidential contest and Off the Kuff says that so far 2012 still looks like 2008.

Last week WCNews at Eye On Williamson posted on the Texas Republicans’ latest health care scheme: House GOP follows Oklahoma and Georgia into misguided health care compact.

Bay Area Houston has a theory about Rick Perry’s veto of the texting-while-driving ban. Continue reading

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