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You Can Laugh At Trump Or Palin—Just Be Certain You Don’t End Up In A Concentration Camp

You can laugh or think you know more than people like Donald Trump…..

(Below–Donald Trump. Picture by David Shankbone.)

Sarah Palin…..

(Below–Sarah Palin. Photo by T Toes.)

Ron Paul…..

(Below–Ron Paul. Photo by Gage Skidmore.)  

And Michele Bachmann.

( Below–Michele Bachmann.) 

Just be sure you don’t end up in a concentration camp or living in a dictatorship of some kind.

(The best political history I am aware of Nazi Germany is the three-volume history of Nazi governance of Germany by Richard J. Evans.)

If you think these things can’t happen here, review the history of Native Americans who were almost wiped out by the genocidal policies and actions of the American government and the American people.

Think of Black Americans who have been forced to confront hundreds of years of slavery and Jim Crow.

Nazi Germany was a place you would recognize. There were newspapers, radio, cars, movies, and a politics of  left and right in  the years leading up to Nazi Germany. These things can happen in the most modern and up-to-date societies.

You are mistaken to give any benefit of the doubt at all to people in our nation who would eliminate the social safety net, deny the facts on where the President was born, establish propaganda channels like Fox News, blame immigrants for our troubles, and slash education funding to the bone so we are all ignorant.

You can laugh at people who believe crazy things. You can think you are smarter than Sarah Palin. You can see Donald Trump as a clown.

History tells us time after time that nothing is so horrible it can’t come true.

It is up to each of us as individuals to make the decision to work together to be certain that people we see as ”stupid, or “ignorant” or as “clowns”  don’t end up with the power to dictate our futures and ruin our lives.

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Rick Sanchez Is Absurd—Yet Nothing Is So Awful That It Cannot Come True

Former CNN news personality Rick Sanchez has been fired for saying that Jewish people run the media and that Jews are not a minority because they are successful in our society.

That’s right—Jews are doing really well in America and the world. At least those Jews are doing well who have not been exterminated. And, of course, we have just your normal every day Jewish folks who go about their daily lives and are not rich.

But other than these exceptions—Jewish folks are running the entire planet.

Above you see a picture of the great power over our world that Jewish folks maintain.

Here is the site of the United States Holocaust Museum.

A great way to learn about how the Third Reich was governed is to read the trilogy written on this subject by Richard J. Evans.

Many in Germany wanted Hitler to come to power and the majority of people were fine with the barbaric treatment of the Jews.

At the same time that the United States was taking part in the prosecution of Nazi doctors for horrible experiments, Americans doctors were intentionally giving people in Guatemala syphilis and other std’s to see how they could best be treated for the disease. This was done without the knowledge of the people being infected.

Here are details about the ongoing legacy Tuskegee experiments where poor black men were given syphilis and observed all the way until 1972 when the experiments were stopped.

Nothing is so horrible that it cannot come true.

It is easy to dismiss people like Mr. Sanchez because they seem so silly. But the fact is that terrible “unthinkable” things happen all the time and they happen on every place on the globe.

These are the facts that we can never forget.

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