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Rhode Island State House—A Grand Structure In A Small State

Here is the Rhode Island State House.

I took this picture today.

The Rhode Island State House is a grand structure in a small state.

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Chafee For Rhode Island Governor—He Offers Adult Solutions To Tough Problems

I have a number of home states. Regular readers know that I often write about Ohio as well as Texas.

(Above–The Rhode Island State House in Providence.)

In addition to these great states, I also lived in the Great State of Rhode Island between 1968 and 1980. So please allow me to offer up an endorsement in the Rhode Island Governor’s race.

Independent  Lincoln Chafee  is one of the few politicians this year, or in any year, offering an adult solution to a tough problem.

Mr. Chafee, a former Republican Senator for Rhode Island who was defeated in 2006, has said that tax increases are needed to address Rhode Island’s budget deficit.

This is such a break from the relentless anti-tax drumbeat in America that puts lowering taxes over the public good.

For those concerned that Mr. Chafee was a Republican, it should be noted  he was the only Republican to vote against the Iraq War and that he endorsed Barack Obama in 2008. Since he is running as an independent, elected Mr. Chaffee will not result in a Republican victory.

Here is the web home of the Chafee campaign.

In contrast to Mr. Chafee’s leadership ,  the Democrat in this race, Frank Caprio, has told President Obama to “shove it” for not endorsing him this race.

In tough times, honest and steady governance is needed.

Lincoln Chafee will provide such governance for the people of Rhode Island.

If people think that they can have good services without taxes, they are wrong.

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