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Festival Ballet Providence Staging All-Star Benefit Gala Performance On 10/19—You Should Attend

My Uncle Tom in Providence, Rhode Island wants folks to know about the above event.

Tom Aquino is a strong supporter of Festival Ballet Providence.

Here are some details about this event—

“Festival Ballet Providence is presenting “Together we Dance” an All-Star Benefit Gala performance.  Featuring special guest artists from: American Ballet Theater, Boston Ballet, Houston Ballet, Lithuanian National Ballet, and New York City Ballet. “

Here is some history of ballet. 

Below is a picture of Tommy that I took earlier this year in Providence.

I’ve parked the rental car in something of an improvised location so we could visit the Rhode Island Korean War Memorial in Providence.

My recently deceased father fought in the Korean War.

In this picture, Tommy is admiring my parking skills and is wondering who would question family members paying tribute to a fallen warrior.

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